The Psychic Sisters Reveal Their Biggest Challenges - Exclusive

Every family has its own unique challenges, whether that means divorce, moving a lot, or even just fighting, sibling rivalry, and drama. But some family's challenges might be more challenging than others — more extreme, you might say. Take, for example, Christina and Jessica, the "Psychic Sisters" from TLC's newest show "Extreme Sisters." According to Discovery, these twins have not only led "parallel lives" — getting married, having kids, and even getting divorced at the same time — but they also share a psychic connection and the ability to see the future. While Christina and Jessica have enjoyed this special, extreme bond, it has also opened them up to equally extreme challenges.

While TLC will be exploring some of these challenges throughout the first season of "Extreme Sisters," Christina and Jessica gave The List special insight into the toughest moments of their lives in an exclusive interview — an interview in which the Psychic Sisters reveal their biggest challenges.

Christina and Jessica from Extreme Sisters survived many losses together

Christina and Jessica, the Psychic Sisters from "Extreme Sisters," have survived a lot of loss and pain in their shared lives. While many sisters, and even twins, survive loss, Christina and Jessica's losses are made that much more extreme by their psychic bond — like when the twins both went through divorces because their husbands just couldn't handle their special relationship. "Our ex husbands both said the same thing," Christina told The List. "'You guys are too close, and it's too hard to be in a relationship with you guys.'"

They also had to face not only their mother's death, but the fact that they predicted it before it happened. "All of a sudden she had a lot of pain and we took her to the doctor and she had stage four [cancer]," Jessica revealed. "She was told she only had weeks to live in that moment. And she ended up living for three months. So she's a fighter ... she stayed with us and we took care of her." 

Despite the pain of that loss, the Psychic Sisters were able to find a silver lining, as Jessica explained in the interview. "As much as it was so hard to go through that with her, we also were able to heal some of the past wounds that we had with her throughout our childhood," she said. "So there was a lot of healing in it, too."

Though many don't understand their relationship, the Psychic Sisters have no regrets

Beyond all the losses in their shared life, Christina and Jessica have also dealt with the challenges that come from people not understanding or approving of their unique relationship. In fact, when asked if they'd ever had problems with people not approving of their bond, Christina responded with an immediate, "Oh my gosh, everybody." The sisters said even their mother had trouble understanding. "Growing up she was always like, 'It is so hard to get close to you girls because you don't let anybody in," Christina said. "It's just you two, you guys are each other's everything.'" In fact, even the twins themselves have trouble with it sometimes. "Right now our biggest difference is the fact that I'm trying to find out who I am without us," Christina said. "It's always been the twins, the twins, us, us, us. I'm trying to create who I am without her."

Despite these many challenges, Christina and Jessica are happy with the lives they've built, and as Christina said, they have "no regrets." "We've gotten through so much and I don't know any other relationship that could sustain what we've sustained and made it through it," she said. "You know what it is? It's having somebody in your life that you are 150% raw, real, and open with. She knows every single thing about me. There's not anything that I can't tell her."

New episodes of "Extreme Sisters" air Sundays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on TLC.