Here's What A Sunflower Tattoo Really Means

Nature designs are among the most popular tattoos out there, with people getting everything from roses to trees to even animals permanently inked on their bodies. While flowers, in general, are a popular choice, sunflowers really stand out from the others people choose. And you might be tempted to get one yourself, just like Unexpected's Mckayla Adkins or singer-songwriter Kehlani.

Large flowers with bright yellow petals that just scream summer, sunflowers make great plants for your garden (via The Old Farmer's Almanac) and, yes, wonderful tattoos too! The sunflower has long played a key role in folklore around the world, ever since the ancient Greek myth of Apollo and Clytie. Make no mistake, this is a plant that's truly steeped in history (via Bloom & Wild).

So, just what does a sunflower tattoo mean? Before you run out to the tattoo parlor and get one, this is what you should know.

What your sunflower tattooo might mean

When sunflowers appear as part of a tattoo, they sometimes represent the sun. The bright yellow flower closely resembles the sun, after all, and it turns to follow the star too, while standing tall among the rest of its floral friends. The sunflower was once worshipped by the Incan Empire, who took it as a representation of their god the sun, and of course we associate sunflowers today with Vincent Van Gogh's famous painting.

According to The Trend Spotter, sunflowers — and by extension sunflower tattoos — symbolize optimism and happiness, making a sunflower tattoo ideal if you want something to represent the brighter emotions we feel. And Interflora explained that sunflowers can symbolize slightly different things across the world. For example, they mean good luck in China. Tatt Mag also explained that sunflower tattoos can be a religious or spiritual symbol denoting faith, or even a long life or hope. "A sunflower tattoo can remind you that this, too, shall pass," the site continued.

If you're thinking of getting a sunflower tattoo, maybe you have your own personal meaning or you simply like the design. Whatever your reason, you'll find sunflowers to be a safe bet.