Here's What A Cherry Blossom Tattoo Really Means

Floral designs are hugely popular for tattoos. The most common flower people get tattoos of is the rose, though lilies and sunflowers are rising in popularity as well.

While lilies are more commonly tattooed on women because they represent femininity and motherhood, the cherry blossom is very commonly tattooed on men (via Pacho Tattoo). Interestingly, the cherry blossom can also be seen as symbolizing femininity — specifically feminine strength and love — and this isn't too surprising given the pink color of cherry blossoms and our society's association between the color pink and femininity.

The cherry blossom itself symbolizes spring, as this is when they bloom en masse in their native cultures, such as Japan (via Festival). However, the flowers only last for about two weeks before falling off of their trees, not to return for another year. Their short life span makes them a spectacle — something beloved and cherished, yet something that will always return with time.

Here's what else the cherry blossom tattoo means

Because of their short life span and opulent appearance, cherry blossoms simply make people happy when they see them. This is reason enough to get this beautiful flower tattooed on your body, but the cherry blossom also carries other meanings.

Their short life lends the cherry blossom to meanings of fleeting moments and the duality of life and death (via Pacho Tattoo). In this way, cherry blossom tattoos are great to get in remembrance of someone you have lost. They poetically symbolize the blossoming of love in the heart, and even though life is short, the cherry blossom reminds us that we will see those we love again someday in whichever afterlife you believe in. On a lighter note, cherry blossoms also represent the fleeting moments of the everyday. These moments may not hold as much weight as lives lost, but they are represented by this flower nonetheless. 

As always, have fun when making your final tattoo decisions, and always remember to take care of them once you get them.