Brittany Cartwright Reveals Why Her Weight Struggle Left Her In Tears

Though former "Vanderpump Rules" cast member Brittany Cartwright will no longer be on the show, due to the firing of her husband, Jax Taylor, in December of 2020, the former reality show star is making headlines this week after revealing details of her very personal weight struggle. During an interview with Us Weekly, Cartwright admitted that accepting both her pregnant and postpartum body was especially difficult after being compared to her "Vanderpump Rules" costars. In April, Cartwright gave birth to her son, Cruz, almost immediately after several of her former costars gave birth to their own children. According to Us Weekly, Stassi Schroeder gave birth to son Hartford in January, followed by Lala Kent's birth to her daughter, Ocean, in March, and Shaena Shay's birth to Summer in April. Much of the cruel comments about Cartwright's weight came after she began posting photos of her pregnancy on social media.

"When I was pregnant, I got so many mean comments about what my weight gain was," Cartwright told Us Weekly. "I was being heavily compared to Stassi and Scheana and Lala. I've always been bigger than them, but my weight has always fluctuated and stuff. So it was just hard to see all those comments about my weight stuff when I was healthy and the baby was healthy."

Over the past year, despite the trolls, Cartwright has made it her mission to be open and honest about her weight gain throughout her pregnancy on her Instagram profile.

Brittany Cartwright admits that she cried over cruel comments about her weight gain

During her interview with Us Weekly, Cartwright admitted that cruel comments about her pregnancy weight gain on social media made her emotional, telling the outlet she "definitely cried a lot" over thoughtless comments from fans and followers. Combined with the isolation that came as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, she admitted, "You're already so emotional. And then, like, I was in [coronavirus] quarantine, I was home, so I was looking at my phone more than I should have. There were times when it made me ashamed of how I looked, and I shouldn't have felt like that."

Back in December of 2020, Cartwright had finally had enough of the hateful comments from people criticizing her weight on Instagram. Along with a photo of herself in a sports bra and biker shorts, Cartwright addressed the hateful comments about her pregnant body. "I am so proud of my body for creating my son," Cartwright posted. "I have had days where I let negative comments from strangers get me down, but WHY!? I am growing a perfect and healthy human being who I have only dreamed of my entire life. I am going to give my body the respect it deserves and shout it from the rooftops how lucky and blessed I feel to experience this pregnancy."