Who Is Tom Llamas' Wife?

Tom Llamas has announced that he'll be leaving ABC News to work at NBC as a senior national correspondent and news anchor. Variety outlines that his April 2021 start at the network means Tom will be returning to the place where he first got his big journalistic break and where he may have met someone very special to him. So, who is Tom's wife? There's been debate online about whether Tom met Jennifer LlamasĀ  at university or work, but both have enjoyed successful careers in journalism.

On June 10, 2006, Tom married Jennifer, reports Stuff That Matters. According to the website, the pair met while working at NBC. United Talent outlined that Tom broke many of his most successful earlier stories for NBC. While he has made a name for himself in front of the camera, TVOM explains that Jennifer worked behind the camera as a producer who has worked with popular networks, including MSNBC. It'd be easy to put two and two together and assume that the pair met at work. However, TVOM suggests this isn't the case.

Tom is an alumnus of Loyola University, New Orleans. He graduated in 2001 with a degree in broadcast journalism and drama and speech. STM writes that Jennifer attended the same university but graduated in 2003 with a similar degree in broadcast and journalism. TVOM writes that this may be where the pair met.

Tom and Jennifer are open about their family

Tom Llamas uses his social media to share exciting projects he's working on and most recently, his big job move. However, he's also not shy about sharing his family life. His Instagram is full of doting tributes to his wife and three children, Malena, Juliette, and Tomas. In a Valentine's Day 2021 tribute post, he shared a glamorous shot of Jennifer Llamas while having a meal. He captioned it, "Thank you Cupid. Always #Valentines with this hot momma."

It could be quite easy to assume that Tom is always in the studio or working on a story. However, his Instagram suggests he still manages to spend a lot of time with Jennifer. On her birthday he posted a picture of her away on holiday and wrote, "Always in paradise with this birthday girl. HBD @whodatjen!" In an interview with HuffPost, he also shared that their demanding schedules have a lot of overlap. "I'm usually up around 5:45 reading the papers and watching the morning shows. My wife is in the business as well," he said, "She is a producer at MSNBC so she is also already up and plugged in."

While her husband has positioned himself in the spotlight, Jennifer is a lot more private. Her social media is private and when he's not on screen, Tom has kept his family out of the limelight unless it's on their terms.