Jill Zarin Shares How She Really Feels About Reconnecting With Bethenny Frankel

Feuds between former BFFs are a staple of the "Real Housewives" franchise. Over in New York City, OGs Bethenny Frankel and Jill Zarin were close friends in Seasons 1 and Season 2. But as Bethenny became a successful businesswoman when Skinnygirl took off, Jill accused her of neglecting their friendship while Bethenny claimed Jill was jealous of her success.

At the time of their falling out, Jill expressed that she was hurt by Bethenny's absence and lack of support when her husband, Bobby Zarin, had cancer in 2010, (via US Weekly). The pair continued to feud throughout Season 3 and Frankel departed at the end of the season without reconciling with her former bestie.

Fast forward to 2018 when Bobby died from cancer. Bethenny had returned to "Real Housewives" full-time while Jill continued to make the occasional cameo. The cast attended Bobby's funeral and Bethenny joined even though she hadn't spoken to Jill in over six years (via Refinery29).

Bethenny and Jill mended fences, but that doesn't mean friendship is in their future

The pair had an emotional reunion at Bobby Zarin's funeral, with Bethenny Frankel expressing her sympathy and Jill Zarin telling her former best friend that she was proud of her. After Bobby's funeral, they had a more personal reunion with no cameras present. Bethenny brought her daughter Bryn to meet Jill for the first time and apologies were made (per Refinery 29).

Although this was certainly a major step forward for Jill and Bethenny, it seems like it served the purpose of closure rather than rekindling the friendship. And as Jill confirmed during an appearance on the May 6, 2021 episode of "Watch What Happens Live," she doesn't see a friendship with Bethenny in her future (via Page Six).

"Jill, do you think you and Bethenny will ever have a friendship?" Andy Cohen asked, (per Bravo). Jill's response left little to the imagination: "No, I don't," she said, adding "Nope, nope."

Jill isn't Bethenny's only former "Real Housewives" BFF who has no interest in repairing the friendship. Bethenny and Carole Radziwill were inseparable throughout Seasons 8 and Season 9, but their friendship fell apart in Season 10. It's safe to say they won't rekindle their friendship — but Carole says she has Bethenny to thank for her ability to "recognize narcissists from a mile away," (via CheatSheet). Never missing an opportunity to throw shade at former friends is also a staple of the "Real Housewives" franchise.