The Best Colors To Wear If You're A Summer Color Palette

Ah summer color palettes: like a refreshing ocean breeze, this complexion type is bright yet cool-toned, reminiscent of baby-blue skies and summer berries. Summer palettes are known for having cool skin-tones that look amazing in silver jewelry, with hair that features ashy undertones.

Overall, summers have a low level of contrast throughout, featuring eyes, hair, and skin with similar coloring (via 30 Day Sweater). The eyes are either slate gray, ocean blue, or a grayish-green or hazel, always cool-toned and recalling a rainy day. For reference, famous summers include fresh-faced Gwyneth Paltrow, Margot Robbie and Rihanna. Of course, just like any other season, there is a whole set of flattering colors that will make a summer's deep eyes pop, accentuating their cool complexion.

According to Kettlewell Colours, there are four kinds of summer palettes: true, light, deep, and soft summer. Each of these complexion types follow summer's traditional coolness and muted tones, but totally distinct colors flatter each the best. First off, true summer is the second-coolest of the summer spectrum, with The Concept Wardrobe describing it like "a dive into cold water." Still muted and delicate, this sub-category has more contrast and is similar to winter, just lighter and softer. You are a true summer if you have totally cool-toned skin (no warmth at all), dark ash blonde to brown hair, and gray, blue, green, gray-hazel or cool-brown eyes like Emily Blunt. As per Kettlewell Colours, you look best in mid-pink, denim to sky blue, and blue-gray.

Best colors for summer palettes

Light summer is one of the most delicate palettes in the spectrum (via The Concept Wardrobe). Brighter and less cool than other summers, there is more color to your complexion. Seen on Rachel McAdams, the light summer palette is known for neutral-cool skin that can wear both gold and silver (with a preference for silver), light-ash blonde to light-ash brown hair, and light-gray, blue, or green eyes. There is a spring-freshness to your features without the warmth, so you look best in pastels like sky blue, primrose yellow, light pink and gray (via Kettlewell Colours).

Next is deep summer, which Kettlewell Colours describes as being on the coolest end of the summer spectrum. Mixing the darkest and brightest of the summer shades, deep summers have the most striking contrasts of all summers. While other summers are muted, deep summers mix darker, ashy hair with bright eyes like Marion Cotillard. Deep summers look best in deep grape, aubergine, pinky-reds and dark blue.

Soft summer is the last shade-type in the summer palette, and the most muted. This tone is like autumn, but much cooler with less contrasts, like Jessica Biel's complexion. With just a hint of warmth, soft summers can have neutral, neutral-cool or olive skin, and deep blue, green, or gray-hazel eyes. The hair is always a bit darker but still ashy, and can have hints of red. Soft summers' best colors are sea green, teal, rose brown, soft navy, and rose gold.