The Surprising Tool You Need To Get Rid Of Pet Hair Is Already In Your House

Your beautiful upholstered furniture looks like a giant hairball and all you find yourself doing is yelling at your precious pooch or feline friend to get down so it doesn't shed anymore. Forget it if the furniture is a dark color like dark blue, dark brown, or black. You can sometimes barely even see the shade, but believe it or not, there's a simple tool you can find right in your kitchen that can remove this pet hair in a flash.

That common household cleaning supply is rubber gloves. Typically, you use rubber gloves to keep your hands from getting grimy when cleaning or to protect your skin from chemicals found in cleaning products. You can also get a firmer grip on a scrubber when using rubber gloves, according to Expert Home Tips. For women, they can also protect your manicure and make sure your polish doesn't chip. But, this simple item you often store under your sink can make your pet hair-addled furniture look good as new.

How to use rubber gloves to clean pet hair off fabric

Pet hair doesn't just accumulate on furniture. You can find it on curtains, clothing, and in your car. And donning a pair of rubber gloves can easily remove this shedding. Simply rub your glove-clad hands across the fabric to create a static friction that will cause the hair to cling to the rubber gloves, according to Apartment Therapy.

If the movement does not create the necessary static to get the job done right, Apartment Therapy recommends getting the gloves wet or damp. A little water goes a long way here. Use the same method as you would with dry gloves and watch the wet gloves pick up the hair. You can also use rubber gloves with scouring bristles for a heavy-duty job.

When you've finished cleaning your fabrics, simply remove the gloves from your hands, submerge them in water, and watch the hair float to the top, according to Lifehacker.