Here Are The Colors You Should Use If You're Decorating A Romantic Space

Whether you're just moving in, or planning to refresh your home, looking into color psychology is helpful when planning moods for each space. While crisp, clean citrus-yellow and stark navy look great in a kitchen, and azure is gorgeous in a spa-like bathroom, there are colors that fit perfectly in a romantic room. These shades speak of love, curiosity, and creativity, sparking passion in your daily life. Use these magic tones in an intimate bedroom space for you and your significant other, or in a near-poetic reading and writing nook — whatever you choose, these colors will make any room more delicate, and seriously romantic.

According to True Value Paint, there are several colors that will amp up the romance of any space, kindling a feeling of love and connection. First off, red is "the most psychologically stimulating of colors" and is known as the color of excitement, energy, confidence, and passion. Who doesn't want those feelings, particularly in a bedroom space? If you don't love the idea of a candy-apple red accent wall, The Spruce recommends playing with different shades. A jewel-tone burgundy or cabernet red are less obvious, but equally romantic, just like a deep raspberry. Plus, if you're not into painting your walls, a red accent chair, lamp, or some throw pillows might just do the trick, too.

Colors for a romantic room

While red is known as the quintessential romantic color, there are other unexpected shades that incite similar feelings. True Value Paint suggests using purple in a romantic space, stating that the color "stimulates the imagination," a perfect attribute for a bedroom. Apart from being a "creative, wise and romantic" tone, purple also promotes serenity, so it's perfect for dozing off into deep sleep. Anderson Painting recommends using violets and plums for some "intrigue," while The Spruce is all about using purple for accent walls or plush bedding.

Possibly the sweetest shade of the color wheel, pink is a deeply-feminine, delicate color that works great in any romantic space. As per True Value Paint, pink is the color of innocence and romance, and will look incredible in any bedroom. Scared of your room looking too pink? The Spruce suggests combining pastel pink with a neutral color, which will tone it down. The Sleep Judge recommends using a deep mauve if your partner is wary of pink, while just including pops of the color in a painting will work wonders.

Whatever romantic color you choose, the room should feel in sync: The Spruce states that "the secret" in creating a romantic space is a "harmonious" palette. Go for a monochromatic look by using varying shades of the same color throughout your room, such as a lilac throw accented by plum pillows. This will bring your space together, making it serene, beautiful, and as romantic as possible.