This Is How Much Katey Sagal Is Actually Worth

Katey Sagal may be regarded as America's most unconventional sweetheart. From her anti-domesticated, outrageous wife and mother role on the successful sitcom "Married... with Children," to her powerful performance as the "Sons of Anarchy" territorial pack leader, Gemma Teller-Morrow, Sagal is an actress adored across many generations (via PrimeTimer).

Sagal's success did not start with acting, her breakout to fame was actually singing. Starting as a backup singer for super stars like Bob Dylan and Bette Midler in the early '70s, Sagal's first passion, music, led her to record an album with pop/rock band "The Group With No Name" in 1976 (via Los Angeles Times). She eventually landed opposite Mary Tyler Moore in the TV show, "Mary," which led her to become the beloved mom we hate to love, Peg Bundy.

In the past five decades, the award winning actress has starred in numerous sitcoms and movies, and has somehow found the time to pen her memoir, and record three albums (via All Music). All of these career moves contribute to her net worth today.

How Katy Sagal continues to earn millions

Currently, according to CelebWorth, Sagal makes $553.65 per hour, and is earning every penny of it. Her time spent in the roles of Peggy Bundy and Gemma Teller-Monroe, undoubtedly delivered a hefty paycheck, and she presses on with her ever evolving career. The multitalented 67 year old continues to act, starring in the new ABC series, "Rebel," alongside Andy Garcia and John Corbett.

In 2017 Sagal released her memoir, "Grace Notes," detailing her career, her childhood, and lessons she learned from dating Kiss lead singer Gene Simmons. The book, alongside her records, sitcoms, and movies, has led to a net worth of nearly $30 million, and according to her colleagues, she is worth every penny. The five time Golden Globe winner has earned accolades from her Hollywood peers and adoration from her fans through her astounding five-decade career (via Entertainment Weekly). Sagal humbly revealed to Entertainment Weekly, "...this is so great that I'm able to continue to be a working actor and still be interested in the roles that I'm getting to play. I feel very grateful about that."