Tom Brady's New Twitter Picture Has The Internet In A Frenzy

Tom Brady recently changed his Twitter profile photo and right away, his fans and followers began to suspect that the Super Bowl-winning quarterback had invested in Bitcoin.

On Monday, May 10, as reported by the New York Post, Brady Tweeted, "#NewProfilePic," along with an image of himself wearing a tan hoodie as red laser beams shot from his eyes, and quickly, Twitter users weighed in on the photo with messages about the Tampa Bay Buccaneers player potentially choosing to turn his money over to the cryptocurrency.

"One by one — individuals, institutions, and governments around the world will join the bitcoin network," one person said on Twitter.

"Pay that man in [Bitcoin]," another added on Twitter.

According to a report from Cointelegraph, "The laser eyes meme that initially swept across crypto social media in February 2021 saw crypto influencers, industry leaders and regular users change their Twitter profile pictures to include laser eyes." They also added that the online trend was to meant to "signify support for Bitcoin's price surging until it hit $100,000."

Bitcoin Magazine got in on the rumor

Although Brady didn't directly address his possible involvement with Bitcoin, he did fuel the fire when he responded to someone who mentioned the rumor.

"Rumor has it [Tom Brady] is loading up on Bitcoin. Retweet if you think the GOAT should turn on laser eyes. Let's make it happen," the person said, via the New York Post.

"Hmmmm should I change it??" Brady replied on Twitter.

As buzz continued to swirl on social media, Bitcoin Magazine tweeted that Brady has joined "team #Bitcoin."

"Football legend Tom Brady has joined team [Bitcoin]," the publication claimed in a Tweet. Then, less than an hour later, they posted a second message, which read, "Retweet if you think [Tom Brady]  should get paid in Bitcoin]."

While it remains unclear whether or not Brady has truly joined the world of cryptocurrency craze, the New York Post did reveal that he has gotten into NFT (non-fungible tokens), which is another form of cryptocurrency.