How To Take Care Of Your Hair Extensions The Right Way

Wearing weaves or wigs is becoming a common practice in the beauty realm. After all, who wouldn't want to experiment wearing purple hair or curly pixie cut without damaging their real hair?

However, even though hair extensions are not your hair, you should still take care of them. Not only can they be expensive, but they also are reusable only if they are in good shape (via Allure). That said, knowing how to take care of your wigs and weaves is a must. "The best way to maintain your extensions is to take care of them as you would your own hair," Sabrina Porsche, a celebrity stylist, told the outlet. "Use products that you would use on your hair and [avoid] too many harsh chemicals."


Before you begin washing your hair extension, know the type of extension you have. Allure added that not all extensions are equal — human hair versus synthetic as an example — so knowing the type of extension determines its care.

Once you know your extension type, it's time to begin washing. According to Angel Hair Extensions, you should use Beauty Works shampoo and conditioner as this product is designed for extensions. The outlet also added that you should avoid products that have sulfates and alcohol, as they are known to strip the natural oils in the hair, which will tangle and mat your extensions.

Taking care of your hair extensions is easy

You should only wash your hair extensions in the shower, Angel Hair Extensions revealed. Washing the extensions in the shower will allow the water (and products) to equally reach all parts of the extension, the outlet added. Angel Hair Extensions also added that when washing, try to focus the shampoo on your roots, so you can cleanse any oils and dirt.


Honestly, washing extensions is easy. However, a wash and go is not the only solution to fixing your hair extensions. Luxy Hair revealed that hair extensions don't have a natural hydration source like your own natural hair, so keeping the extensions moisturized and hydrated is a must. Plus, try to limit the heat you put on the extensions as it will damage the hair in the long run, the outlet added.

Angel Hair Extensions also recommends scheduling a weekly conditioning treatment to rid your hair of any additional oils.

Taking care of hair extensions is easy, but you must put in the work. Your hair extensions can last up to a year or more only if you take care of them (via Luxy Hair). You would take care of your natural hair, so apply that same thought to the extensions.