90 Day Fiance: Are Narkyia And Olulowo Still Together?

The bread and butter of "90 Day Fiancé" is relationship drama. The world-conquering reality show, and its many spinoffs, details the frequently complicated journeys of couples separated by thousands of miles, who are in the process of acquiring a K-1 visa so they can finally be together in the same place. Although certain relationships end in heartbreak, for the most part, "90 Day Fiancé" has proven that love often really does conquer all, even in the toughest circumstances. 


When it comes to Season 4 couple Narkyia and Olulowo, the odds were totally against them. As The Cinemaholic details, the two originally met on a dating site for plus size women and were immediately attracted to each other. However, the relationship soured when Narkyia discovered Olulowo had been lying to her, leading to accusations of catfishing. They managed to work things out and get married, before breaking up and getting back together. Where do they stand now?

The happy couple has proven naysayers wrong

Despite what most people watching at home assumed was going to happen, Narkyia and Olulowo managed to go the distance, welcoming daughter Nifemi Denise in August 2020 (via Instagram). Narkyia adorably described Nifemi as her husband's "little twin." The couple frequently posts photos of their sweet home life together, utilizing the hashtag #lowkey, which is a fun mashup of their first names. Narkyia has been focused on her postpartum health journey, and even expressed a desire to get a procedure similar to a tummy tuck, according to Screen Rant. In April 2021, she showed off her 100-pound weight loss while getting ready for a night out with Olulowo (via Instagram). 


Her hubby is no less enthusiastic about their relationship, celebrating Narkyia's birthday in March 2020 with a gushing post in her honor. "Happy Birthday #my #queen. You fine, you sexy as f***, you're beautiful, you're a lovely wife, a great mother and thank you for making my life complete. I love you. @90day_kyia," he wrote on Instagram alongside a variety of goofy shots of his lady. Evidently, these two really were meant to be, joining the ranks of "90 Day Fiancé" couples everybody bet against who have proven fans wrong simply by staying together and making things work.