The Real Reason This Is Us Is Ending After Its Sixth Season

Few television lovers will forget the day that "This Is Us" premiered on NBC in 2016 (via IMDb). The star-studded series opened to strong reviews and has become one of the most beloved series on television. The heartfelt drama follows the Pearson family across the decades. Mandy Moore — who has an impressive net worth — and Milo Ventimiglia play the beloved parents in the 1980s, while Justin Hartley, Chrissy Metz, and Sterling K. Brown play their adult-aged children in the present day. 

Over the years, "This Is Us" has won many awards for its achievements in television, including four Emmy Awards (via Emmys) and three Screen Actors Guild Awards (via Los Angeles Times). As of publication, the series is nearing the end of Season 5 and will soon be gearing up to begin production on Season 6. Unfortunately, sources told The Hollywood Reporter that NBC will soon announce that the hit series will end with its upcoming sixth season.

The creator of This Is Us previously revealed when the show would end

According to The Hollywood Reporter, NBC is set to announce that "This Is Us" will end with its sixth season during the upcoming 2021 to 2022 broadcast season. As upsetting as it is to hear that the beloved series is nearing the end of its run, the news is not much of a surprise. "This is Us" creator Dan Fogelman has said many times over the past few years that his family drama will end after its sixth season (via Deadline).

Fogelman originally pictured the series as a six-year show and sold it to NBC as one. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter in 2019, Fogelman said, "We never set out to make a television series that was going to last 18 seasons, so we have a very direct plan. I have script pages I have written and I'm writing that really are deep, deep, deep into the future. We have a plan for what we're going to do, and I know what the plan is." Though the end of "This Is Us" is near, the series is predicted to reach the 100-episode mark in its final season, which will help it secure a syndication deal, making it a lot easier to rewatch the series long after its finale (via The Hollywood Reporter). We will certainly miss the cast and the Pearson family.