How To Use The Viral Aztec Clay Mask On Your Hair

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Struggling to achieve that good hair day with curly hair? You might need to switch up your products or your styling method. According to theĀ Gossip Curls Blog, for instance, you may be experiencing product build-up if your hair looks frizzy and loose even after washing and styling. A build-up of coating hair ingredients can prevent your hair from absorbing moisture, and leave it brittle, dry, and frizzy.

Fortunately, a new viral hair treatment might just save the day. The Aztec Healing Clay mask is a clarifying hair treatment that can remove product build-up, detox your strands, and revamp your dry, dull curls, per NaturallyCurly. In addition, the mask should work on all curly hair types, from type 2b to 4c. For those who don't know, Allure states that your curl type describes the tightness of your curls. Type 2 hair is wavy, while type 3 is curly and type 4 is coily or kinky. Ready to get started? This hair mask comes together in seconds.

Instructions for the Aztec Healing Clay mask

The Aztec clay hair mask requires only two ingredients: Aztec Healing Clay, which sells on Amazon for $14.95, and apple cider vinegar. NaturallyCurly recommends that you mix together two tablespoons of the clay with equal parts vinegar to cover the entirety of your hair. If you have very thick hair, you may need to double or triple the recipe. Don't have apple cider vinegar? Use equal parts water instead. You can also use a different brand of clay, as long as it is also a bentonite clay. According to Healthline, bentonite clay is particularly beneficial for haircare because of its ability to moisturize while drawing out residue and toxins.

Once your hair mask is ready, Naturally Curly states that you should spread it evenly through dry hair, from your roots to your ends. Want a pro tip? Try the praying-hands method to distribute the product without clawing through your tangles. As told by Refinery29, this method involves spreading the mask onto your hands, clasping flat palms around a strand of hair, and sliding your hands down your strands to coat them with product.

Don't worry about getting clay in your scalp. Because it is a cleansing mask, you will want to draw out sebum and oils that may have built up on your scalp. Once the mask has been in your hair for a maximum of 30 minutes, wash it out with warm water. Get ready for your revitalized curls to thrive.