The Real Reason Queen Elizabeth And Prince Charles Just Planted A Tree Together

In royal news, Queen Elizabeth is gearing up to celebrate her Platinum Jubilee next year and creating tons of traditions to go with it. This year, her campaign involves her son, Prince Charles, as they encourage people to plant trees in honor of her 70-year reign.

According to People, the Queen and Prince Charles planted an oak tree at Windsor Castle this year as a way to encourage people to join their campaign to plant millions of trees all over the country. As a part of her jubilee celebration, the pair worked with the Queen's Green Canopy and named the project Plant a Tree for the Jubilee. Prince Charles shared his thoughts in a video, urging others to get outside and in their gardens to protect the environment.

Calling the action a "profoundly symbolic act," Prince Charles shared his excitement. "[Planting a tree] is a statement of hope and faith in the future," he said, according to People."Whether you are an individual hoping to plan a single sapling in your garden, school or community group planting a tree, a Council, charity or business intending to plant a whole avenue of trees, everyone can get involved."

The Queen and Prince Charles' project calls on people all over the UK

Since the royals are asking people all over the country to plant a tree, they've also made it possible for people to get them from the Woodland Trust. According to the BBC, groups and schools can apply to receive some of the 3 million seedlings available through the trust. Continuing his explanation, the Prince asked people to plant "the right kind of trees, in the right places."

He also shared his vision of more greenery throughout the country in public lands and protecting the trees that have already grown around the nation. In addition to the country-wide effort, Tree-bilee will also highlight some of the special hedges native to England, the outlet reports. Furthermore, donations towards the project will go to low-income schools.

Boris Johnson, the British Prime Minister is also involved in the project, saying, "Our trees stand at the frontline of our fight against climate change and by sustaining our beautiful countryside for generations to come. The Queen's Green Canopy is a fitting tribute to her majesty's years of service to this country. I urge everyone to get involved."

Highlighting the country's heritage, the importance of environmental health and the power of community spirit, Tree-bilee will impact the entire nation for years to come.