Here's How Being A Libra Could Affect Your Mental Health

Libras, born between September 23 and October 22, are smart and kind souls who are all about harmony and compromise. Due to their thoughtful and people-pleasing ways, though, these types may struggle with mental exhaustion.

According to LoveToKnow, this sign can get very caught up in the decision-making process, wanting to make sure that every single choice and the outcome, both big and small, will not negatively affect anyone. While thinking through the pros and cons of a decision can be nice and helpful, it can also take a toll on the mental state.

"A Libra may sabotage their mental [health] through their inability to make a decision," astrologer Linda Furiate told Romper. Constantly being on the fence can then affect other areas of a Libra's life, as they begin to feel tired, confused, and even lonely. "This may undermine their self-confidence and lead to a sense of lack of self-control."

Here are ways a Libra can improve their mental health

Do not fear, though, Libras: There are ways to combat this mental fatigue and burnout. YourTango reminds us that this sign will certainly be aware of any imbalances. While a person may not know how to fix the problem themselves, they will do what it takes to help restore equilibrium.

The Odyssey echoes these thoughts. Just as a Libra is a mediator for others, this individual should also not be afraid to ask for personal help. The weight can be a lot to deal with, and there are those who want to return the compassionate favor to a Libra or two!

Since this type is all about harmony, Makeful has some suggestions for bringing back that peace and calm. For starters, there is yoga, which is great for de-stressing. The publication recommends tranquil music and atmospheres, as well, which can help recenter a Libra, especially after a moment of indecisiveness.