This TikTok Hack To Instantly Crop A Sweater Is A Total Game-Changer

Sweaters are almost everyone's go-to for the winter season. Sweaters are the best, hand downs, and what makes this go-to top even better is that you can wear it in so many different styles. Want to try? A viral TikTok hack shows you how to instantly shape up a boring old swear that's collecting dust in your closet.

First, according to TikToker Jess Carpenter, your sweater must be hip length. Makes sense right? After all, you can't crop a sweater if it's too short. Next, grab a thin belt that's a similar color to the sweater and wrap it around. "You want to tie it somewhat tight but not too tight because you want to have room to breathe," Carpenter said in her viral video. "And, then you're just going to pull it up, as close as you can get it without having to pull too much."

Then, once you pull the sweater upward, you are going to flatten the ends of the sweater, so it looks cropped. And, voila! There you have it! Add it to the list of TikTok hacks — like what you need to do to stop your sleeves from rolling down, or the viral "twist" method — and you can practically repurpose your entire wardrobe. 

So many people have praised this TikTok hack

In case you're doubtful that this TikTok hack won't work, don't be! Even plus-size model and known fashion expert Maxey Greene swears by it (via Glamour). And what makes this hack so great is that it's low maintenance! This hack takes only minutes, so you don't have to scramble around or rush to perfect this look in the morning.

Plus, it's okay if you don't have a cable knit sweater — you can use this hack with any type of sweater. So if you favor crewnecks or zipped sweaters, show them off with this hack! Per 80's Fashion World, there are so many different sweaters that work with this hack. From cable knit to cardigans, the list is unlimited. And, don't worry thinking that sweaters are going out of style — sweaters will forever be a winter go-to, and now with a crop hack, you don't have to worry about sweating in the summer months when you'd prefer to wear your cozy option (via 80's Fashion World).

So, as you slowly enter the warmer months, keep this hack in the back of your mind. You're definitely going to need it.