Are Drew And Rosie From Marrying Millions Still Together?

Relationships are difficult under even the best of circumstances. If your family isn't thrilled about your significant other, it can present a plethora of issues for a couple to navigate in order to maintain a healthy connection. Such is true for Lifetime's "Marrying Millions" couple Drew and Rosie, who spent much of season 1 dealing with Rosie's parents disapproval of their union via Distractify).

Despite Drew's ability to financial support their daughter, Rosie's parents expressed concern with the relationship having an effect on Rosie's own career. Since she was living under their roof at the time, this caused a great deal of friction for the family. In order to avoid further friction day to day, Rosie take the plunge and moves into Drew's townhouse, hoping to live in bliss. Upon arrival, Rosie discovers a large supply in condoms in the home and begins questioning Drew about his history with women. He admits to having many female visitors at his home following his prior divorce, as well as to having cheated in past relationships. At this point, Rosie's trust in Drew begins to waver as she questions his level of commitment (via Reality Tea).

Eventually, Drew proves his commitment to Rosie with a proposal and a less-than-dainty diamond ring during a lavish trip to NYC where he reportedly purchased $10,000 worth of clothing for Rosie as well as arranged a private concert for the pair. As one would expect, Rosie accepts (via Reality Tea).

Drew and Rosie had a rocky start

Early on in the season, Rosie and Drew are hesitant to share the truth about how they met with friends, family, and audiences. She tells cameras that her parents would be even more upset about the relationship if they knew how they met, implying that it wasn't your traditional coffee shop meet-cute that brought these two together, further sparking speculation about a sugar-daddy website by referring to her beau as "Daddy Drew” and citing the many lavish gifts her showered her with from day one (via Women's Health). Once the couple is engaged, the truth comes out.

During her bachelorette party, Rosie admits to having met Drew on the site to a group of surprised but accepting friends. She confesses that what started as a daddy-baby arrangement blossomed into true love, and she believes that her parents will come around and agree to attend a wedding ceremony (via Reality Tea).

Later on, the couple arrives in Costa Rica for a luxurious destination wedding. Initially, things appear shaky as Rosie questions whether or not going through with the private nuptials is the right thing to do. After some time and talking, Rosie decides to make the walk down the aisle (via Distractify). So, did the vows stick for this unconventional couple?

Drew and Rosie today

If you were a fan of this quirky couple on the show, then you'll be pleased to know that one quick look at Rosie's Instagram confirms that they are still going strong. She frequently shares photos of the two, and even noted on his birthday that she is "proud" to call him her quarantine buddy. Complete with a whole stories highlight dedicated to showcasing their many luxurious date nights, it appears that this couple is enjoying life with each other to the fullest (via Distractify).

This couple is proof that, even with the odds stacked against you, love can find its way. It's unclear what the future holds for these two, but since the couple appears to be doing so well it's safe to say that you can keep an eye on Rosie's social media in hopes of a pregnancy announcement. Be sure to have the champagne ready!