How To Use Orange Color Corrector

Concealer can be the most game-changing product in your makeup arsenal. With concealers available in a wide range of shades to suit various skin types and tones, covering blemishes couldn't be easier, or could it? While skin tone concealers can work well to hide minor blemishes, it can be harder to hide dark circles, hyperpigmentation, and more sizable spots, which is where color correcting concealers can come in useful.

According to Byrdie, color correctors can seem somewhat intimidating if you don't feel confident using them — particularly as they come in rather bright colors, from purple to orange to green, and resemble face paint more than concealer.

As per Bustle, if you want to get rid of dark areas under your eyes, there's no better tool than the perfect color correcting concealer.

Thinking about investing in a color corrector to hide the dark bags under your eyes, but unsure how to choose the right tone or how to apply it? It's easier than you think — it's just a case of knowing which products to pick and how to apply them for that perfect airbrushed finish.

What can orange color corrector be used for?

The benefit of using color correctors was explained to Byrdie by makeup expert, Lauren Lebowitz, who said, "Opposite colors on top of one another will cancel each other out," making colored concealers ideal for helping to hide blemishes that regular concealer is unable to cover.

For example, makeup artist and YouTuber Emily Berry uses orange-toned concealer to cover dark blue or purple circles under eyes, and the results are jaw-dropping.

As per Foreo, orange is an opposite tone to blue, which means that it can work well to cover dark circles under the eyes. The orange hue will help to conceal the undertones of the darker areas. For darker skin tones, orange concealer tends to work well, but it may be too dark for lighter skin tones, so it's best to use a peach color corrector instead. A peach concealer includes red, orange, and yellow hues, and works in the same way to mask blue, green, and purple tones.

This is how to apply orange color correcting concealer

Makeup artist and YouTuber Emily Berry explained that while she doesn't use color correctors every day, when she does, she opts for an orange-hued primer as a first step, which she applies using a foundation brush. She then suggested dabbing a few spots of the primer under your eyes using her finger, layering the product up.

The next step she suggested was using the right shade of orange concealer for your skin type — for lighter skin tones, Berry recommended using a peach or coral-hued product, while for darker skin tones she recommended using a darker orange or even a red.

Berry explained that the next step is to apply the chosen shade directly under the eyes wherever you see blue or black tones, using a foundation brush. She also recommended using a buffing brush to subtly blend the product into the surrounding skin. The next step is to use a full coverage concealer, gently dabbing it onto the color corrected area using a finger or a damp blending sponge. Once the concealer is properly blended in, you can then continue applying your makeup as normal.