Why This Prince William Photo Has Fans In A Frenzy

These days, it seems like one of the most attractive things a person can do is get vaccinated — so much so that people are even putting it in their online dating profiles, including which brand they opted for (via Washingtonian). 


Bonus points for anyone posting a vaxxie who happens to be rocking an impressive set of muscular arms, as well. Case in point, Prince William recently shared a photo on social media while getting his Covid vaccine, and after seeing what he's been hiding under all that conservative clothing, the internet is collectively losing its cool.

On May 20, the Duke of Cambridge shared some exciting news with the world via his and Kate Middleton's official Instagram page. Accompanying a photo of the prince getting his first dose of the vaccine, the caption  read, "On Tuesday I received my first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. To all those working on the vaccine rollout – thank you for everything you've done and continue to do."


And while the world is thrilled to see a major figure within the monarchy being vaccinated, there's one element of the Instagram photo that truly cannot be ignored — Prince William is BUFF!

Prince Williams has fans admiring his impressive muscles

In the photo of Prince William receiving his shot, he is wearing a mask and a blue sweater, with one sleeve rolled up to the top of his shoulder, in order for the shot to be administered. It would appear that Prince William has been hiding some incredibly toned arm muscles, which the Internet can't seem to stop drooling over (via E!).


Comments in regards to Prince William's gun show are unsurprisingly hilarious — and justifiably thirsty — with one Instagram user writing, "No wonder The Duchess of Cambridge looks always so happy." Another user commented, "Oh, Prince William works out." And one astute user shared what pretty much everyone is thinking, "First time seeing Royal Arms," followed by eye heart emojis.

His athletic physique shouldn't come as a huge surprise, however. Prince William grew up playing sports, and is a strong advocate for the importance of exercise (via Royal.uk). As an adult, he still plays soccer and polo, and according to sources, he and Kate Middleton have an at-home gym (via Page Six).