Who Are The Fathers Of Halle Berry's Children?

Actress Halle Berry has been vocal over the years about her love of motherhood, even telling InStyle that she felt sexist while she was pregnant. She loved being pregnant so much in fact that the "Monster's Ball" star said she would likely have had five kids if she hadn't been busy with her blockbuster film-making career, one that's garnered her six Golden Globe nominations and one win (via Golden Globes).

It was more than just being pregnant though. "Being a mom is the best job," she said while talking about her two children, daughter Nahla and son Maceo. A job that she got more comfortable with over time, as she explained to Queen Latifah while affectionately discussing having a second child (via YouTube).

But being a mother hasn't come without its unique challenges, as being in the public eye requires balancing not only a career and motherhood, but also the desire to share your love of your kids with the world. As she said to InStyle, the challenge remains, "How do I fit my kids — the biggest part of my life — in there without exploiting them?" Halle's career isn't the only one that unintentionally risks her two children being in the public eye, both of their fathers' careers invite scrutiny as well.

Halle's daughter Nahla's father, Gabriel Aubry

Despite having been married twice already, once to R & B singer, Eric Benet, and once to baseball great, David Justice, according to Hollywood Life, the Oscar-winning actress had not yet had children when she entered her five-year-long relationship with model, Gabriel Aubry. This relationship led to the birth of their daughter Nahla Ariela Aubry in 2008, before ending roughly two years later.

Aubry, who is French-Canadian, was born in 1976, making him almost a decade younger than Berry (via Hello!). He has had a high-profile modeling career that included contracts with fashion giants Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, and even Versace. So, in other words, as models go he is a big deal. It was on a Versace photo shoot that the gorgeous couple met.

As far as his life outside of work, Aubry prefers to keep that to himself. Shunning social media, he told the Daily Front Row, "I'm a very private guy, and I like to keep my life that way." While avoiding talking about his high-profile relationship and split, he does make it clear that doting dad is his top priority. When questioned about what he does on his days off, the first thing he said was "I'm a daddy," before listing other hobbies of golfing and the fairly obvious fact that he spends a lot of time in the gym.

Halle's marriage and child with Oli

After her split with the younger model, Hollywood Life notes that Berry began dating actor Olivier Martinez. They married in 2013, months before the birth of their son, Maceo Robert Martinez. Unfortunately, this relationship also seems to have had the two years past birth expiration date and they split in 2015.

Martinez, who had a successful acting career in his native France, told Interview he had no plans to move to Hollywood and didn't even speak English, but kind of fell into it after working on "Before Night Falls." The son of a Spanish professional boxer, Martinez commented about the move and his working-class roots, "I feel more free. In English, I don't travel with my culture, my social background, my 'luggage.'"

In addition to movies, the "Unfaithful" star has done several television series. Fans of the show "Revenge" will recognize him as the conniving Pascal LeMarchal, a french media mogul, a man with a temper who ended up literally losing his head. This temper appears to be something the character shares with the first-time father, who used his child's car seat as a weapon when photographers and an airport employee got too close to his son and stepdaughter (via the New York Daily News).

Halle's baby daddy drama

While Berry's relationships with the two men gave the "X-Men" actress two beautiful children, they also gave her a host of legal troubles in the form of custody battles, restraining orders, and child support orders. Her highly-publicized custody battle with baby daddy number one led to an altercation with baby daddy number two, which landed one man in jail and both in the hospital. During a Thanksgiving child custody hand-off in 2012, Aubry reportedly shoved Martinez and threw an unsuccessful punch, as reported on TMZ, and a violent fight ensued. This move was something the model surely lived to regret, as following his release from the hospital he was arrested. And judging by the fact that the majority of his injuries were to his face, while Martinez's were to his hand, it appears he lost in more ways than one. 

While things may have calmed in the years since, in February 2021 the frustrated "Extant" actress took to Instagram to vent her frustrations with the ongoing alimony payments of $16,000 per month in a since deleted post. According to Hello!, the award-winning actress said, "I've been paying it for a decade now. I feel if a woman or a man is having to pay support that is way more than they reasonably need to help SUPPORT the child, I think that is wrong." Luckily the divorce from her son's father didn't result in similar battles.