The One Foundation Every Makeup Artist For Film And TV Loves

Beauty journalist Laura Capon has been spilling all kinds of beauty secrets on TikTok lately. She's recently disclosed the lipstick the character Monica wore on "Friends," as well as the shades Rachel rocked on the show

Now she's disclosing Hollywood's favorite foundation. In this TikTok video, Capon explained that she sees this foundation everywhere backstage at Fashion Week. But just what is this foundation? 

As it turns out, it's MAC's Studio Face and Body Foundation. In her video, Capon further explained that she sees this foundation in every makeup artist's kit at any kind of event, and it's always on any set she visits. According to Capon, MAC Studio Face and Body is a sheer, buildable foundation that evens out your skin while still letting your natural beauty shine through. After applying some to her own skin, Capon says, "It just gives you kind of like that skin you wish you had when you woke up."

This is why the film and television industry swears by this foundation

In her TikTok video, Capon explains that this foundation is particularly beloved in the film and television industry because it's virtually "undetectable" both in-person and on-screen. This is because of its sheerness, which evens out the skin and helps bring out your natural glow without burying your natural qualities.

MAC describes this product on their website as "a lightweight, hydrating foundation that delivers a satin finish and sheer coverage." They further explain that not only is it waterproof and hydrating, but that it was created to provide long-lasting coverage.

Capon recommends always shaking this beloved foundation before using it and shows in her video a comparison of one side of her face which has Face and Body on it and the other side which has no makeup on it. The side of her face sporting the foundation has a natural shine, proving that a foundation can do more than simply transform your face; it can elevate what's already there. With this, we can see why this foundation would be so beloved in television and film as well as in the wider beauty industry.