The Skincare Staple That Korean Beauty Experts Refuse To Use

Beauty lovers know that Korean beauty and skincare are the holy grail of the beauty industry. K-beauty has gotten so big all over the world that there's a viral TikTok hack for every skin issue, and endless tutorials for crafting your own beauty routine. Implementing a Korean skincare routine takes a lot of work and oftentimes a lifestyle change, but your skin will thank you in the end. The "glass skin" trend resurges every year because it produces actual, long-term results compared to makeup trends that promise quick results but never deliver.

Beauty trends like "hanbang" even promote the use of herbs to balance your mind and body. So, when the Korean beauty gods speak and tell us the benefits of a product or routine, we listen. But there's one beauty product that some Korean beauty experts aren't impressed by, and it's giving beauty enthusiasts pause. A skincare staple in many U.S. households, retinol's been praised for its anti-aging and acne-fighting properties, per Marie Claire. But, apparently, the miracle product isn't as big overseas for a very specific reason (via Byrdie).

Why Korean beauty experts avoid using retinol at all costs

Korean beauty expert and founder of Korean skincare brand Peach & Lily, Alicia Yoon, told Byrdie why she steers clear of retinol and doesn't recommend it to her clients. "I don't like to use retinol because I have very sensitive skin, and there is always an adjustment period to retinol," she explained. She also added, "During this period, skin can become more fragile—thinner, basically—and results in increased sensitivity, and at times, peeling and flaking. I find that a lot of my clients also struggle with the initial adjustment period of using a retinol."

While there is an adjustment period, there are still many benefits to using retinol, including its oil reducing capabilities, increase in blood flow, and wrinkle prevention and reduction, per Insider. Instead of retinol, Yoon swears by facial cleansers that target and prevent different skin issues, such as clogged pores or dry skin. The beauty guru recommends incorporating both an oil-based and water-based cleanser into your skincare routine for clear, hydrated, and glowing skin (via Byrdie).