Here's How You Can Actually Find Designer Items On eBay

It's true: You can find designer items and brands at a number of places you may not have suspected. These places include Goodwill and Ross Dress for Less, and there's even things you should know about Costco's designer labels. With constant discussion around designer brands and items comes a want for them, but they can be incredibly expensive. Just like Goodwill or Ross Dress for Less, you can find designer items on eBay. Here's how. 

According to Buzzfeed, there are tons of reasons to search for designer items on eBay. For starters, the website simply possesses such a large cache of postings that you're bound to find something you like. Moreover, the website hosts customer reviews and ratings that can help you sort through which vendors to trust when purchasing, and eBay also authenticates some items, meaning you can often trust with good measure that you're buying something legitimate. They finally explain that prices are often cheaper on eBay than on other secondhand sites due to eBay taking less of a cut from purchased items, meaning vendors often sell for less and you will ultimately pay less because of this.

Here's how to optimize your searches on eBay

You may be wondering about best practices when searching, and if so, we've got you covered. Just because eBay is typically a reputable site for secondhand designer items doesn't mean you shouldn't shop prepared. According to Coveteur, you should always lengthily research the item(s) you're searching for. You want to know every detail of it so you can authenticate the item yourself, even if this means going into a retail store to look at and feel the item firsthand before purchasing it on eBay.

This goes hand in hand with their other key tip, which is to know exactly what you're looking for. On this, search expert Jayne Min explained, "Use the subcategories and sort options so you're not wasting time passing through shoes when you're looking for a bag, or $5,000 items when your budget is $500." Save yourself time and hassle, and always be patient (another of their top tips). You want to check back often because things are posted and sold on eBay constantly, so you may find what you're looking for on a whim.

What's more, Refinery29 recommends looking at a seller's other postings when you're buying something from them. If you like one thing they're selling, you're likely to like other things they're selling, and this can be an easy lead to good finds that you'll love. They also recommend never being afraid to ask, whether you're curious about the size of a bag or just want more pictures of an item. Communication is key. Finally, Refinery29 recommends never being afraid to buy something out of style because style is "cyclical" and there will always return a time in which that item is "cool" again.

Happy hunting!