The TikTok Makeup Trend You Should Try For A Rosy Cheeks Look

As long as makeup lovers continue to create content on social media, the viral TikTok trends will keep coming. Makeup mogul Lena, who goes by Lenkalul on social media, has built her platform entirely on makeup trends, sharing her tips and tricks for glowing skin by using conventional and unconventional methods. As a result, the U.K.-based influencer has 39.4 million collective likes on her TikTok videos and 1.5 million followers.

One of her most popular viral videos was her recreation of the lipstick blush technique. In the video (via YouTube), Lena swipes liberal amounts of bright red lipstick on the tops of her cheeks, forehead, and down the center of her nose. She then blends out the color with a brush, giving herself a rather ... sunburned look. "At first she looked like a tomato," one user commented. It's true that the bright red color might give an unknowing viewer pause. By the end of the video, however, Lena transformed her makeup into a natural-looking glow. Her stunning transformation left fans raving about the technique and trying it out for themselves.

The lipstick blush technique for rosy cheeks

While smearing lipstick onto your face might sound like a terrible idea, it is actually a form of contour, as pointed out by makeup artist Felicia Marie for Refinery 29. The key is applying the lipstick in the right places: the cheekbones, toward the top of the forehead, and down the center of the nose. Blending it in with a brush might take some time, but it's critical in making the final result appear natural.

Once you have completely blended out the lipstick, add a swipe of contour down each side of your nose, to the very tops of your cheekbones, under your bottom lip, and just above your eyebrows, as demonstrated by Lena (via YouTube). Next, you'll need to add concealer in the center of your forehead, under your eyes, down the center of your nose, and in the middle of your chin. After a serious amount of blending, you should have your finished, blushed-out look.

Grazia points out that while the transformation from sunburn to ultra-glow with the lipstick trick is incredible, it might be more easily achieved with other products. For example, adding a cream or powder blush of a similar color in the same places might be less hassle. Plus, these lighter products are less likely to clog your pores. Whether you choose to use a blush or a lipstick, the lipstick blush trend is just a reminder that you can create that rosy-cheeked glow more than one way.