Hypoallergenic Perfumes To Try If You Have Sensitive Skin

If you have ever been exposed to potent perfume that provoked a headache, you are not alone. The ingredients marked "fragrance" or "perfume" are typically in most beauty products from haircare to lotion to makeup, and while a pleasant aroma can be pleasing to the senses, in some cases it might be harmful to your health. 

Harper's Bazaar reported that fragrance can be made of hundreds of synthetic chemicals which can cause unwanted physical reactions like breathing problems, headaches, and skin irritations. If you have sensitive skin or a history of allergies, you are more likely to react to these ingredients.

Shockingly, a 2015 study published in the international journal, "Air Quality, Atmosphere & Health," showed that 37 products containing fragrance as an ingredient contained 42 volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are classified under U.S. federal laws as toxic or hazardous. Harmful irritants can even be found in products marketed as natural, like essential oils, which, Harper's Bazaar noted, might be diluted with petrochemicals.

Whether you are sensitive, allergic, or simply looking for a more natural and environmentally friendly fragrance, we have sourced some clean perfumes for you to try.

Here are clean fragrances for sensitive skin

Fragrance is a very personal choice, and while some people prefer citrus or floral, others enjoy earthy and woodsy. But one thing that can be agreed upon — the less toxic, the better! According to Harper's Bazaar, the fragrance line Good Chemistry is one of the cleanest you can find in a drugstore, specifically Target. 

If you are a beach lover looking to enjoy a sandy and salty summer scent, SALT Eau de Parfum by Ellis Brooklyn is a good choice. Described as salty, subtle, and slightly masculine, this fragrance can be worn by anyone in every season.

Looking for a soothing scent? Described as genderless, Heretics Midnight Toker hemp-derived CBD roll-on fragrance is a musky blend of notes of nutmeg, sandalwood, vanilla, and pink pepper.

Skylar offers a clean fragrance pack that includes 10 samples of varied scents for just $29. If you aren't sure what kind of aroma you are looking for, this is a great place to start.