Meet Brie Larson's Partner, Elijah Allan-Blitz

Brie Larson is an A-list celebrity beloved by movie buffs everywhere. The actress has an impressive resume, first appearing on screen as a child during a sketch on "The Tonight Show" with Jay Leno. From there, she was cast on "Touched by an Angel," "Raising Dad," and Disney Channel movie "Right on Track" (via Britannica).

As she began to grow up, her roles became a bit more serious. She played the daughter in "The United States of Tara" before landing her biggest role yet as the lead in "Room," which landed her an Academy Award and a ticket to stardom. Today, Larson is best known for her role as Captain Marvel and as her fame has heightened, so has our interest in her personal life

Recently, the actress posted pictures of her and her boyfriend, Elijah Allan-Blitz on her social media pages, prompting curiosity over this seemingly new love interest (via HITC).

Who is Elijah Allan-Blitz?

According to Page Six, the couple isn't actually all that new. The pair began dating in 2019, officially announcing their relationship to the world when they appeared at the Academy Awards in 2020. Larson and Allan-Blitz are quite hush about their relationship, but the occasional photo of the two (they have been photographed in Hawaii together and captured on each other's Instagrams) have left fans wondering who Allan-Blitz is.

Elijah Allan-Blitz is a director, actor, and musician. Fans may recognize him from his role in "The Shield" or may have heard his single "Hey Yo," which earned him a Grand Jury Award nomination. But Allan-Blitz is best known for his work in VR. He has created a variety of VR experiences, most notably his most recent one, "The Messy Truth," which he created alongside Larson (via HITC). According to his website, he also produced a VR companion piece for the Ken Burns documentary, "Defying the Nazis: The Sharps' War" and directed VR experiences for Aloe Blacc, PBS, Laird Hamilton, HBO, and Michael Pollan.

Before dating Allan-Blitz, Larson was engaged to Alex Greenwald before ending the relationship in 2019 (via Page Six).