Can You Use Baby Powder Instead Of Dry Shampoo?

Baby powder is one of those common household items that can be used for virtually anything. At least, that's how it seems. It's great to keep in your beauty kit to use as setting powder, along with many other unexpected uses. A new trend may reveal a new way to use baby powder in your hair, though, and we're definitely intrigued.

Over the last several years, dry shampoo has taken off as a must-buy product. Every brand is releasing their own dry shampoos, and people are using them to prolong the time between hair cleanings in the shower. Now, some people say they use baby powder in their hair to achieve the same results that dry shampoo would give (via Shampoos Hub).

Shampoos Hub explains that, in theory, these two products should achieve a similar end result. Both products absorb excess oil that naturally accumulates on your hair, and they're both great at removing any dirt or dust that has gotten into your hair.

These are the pros and cons of using baby powder in the hair

While both products may be good in theory, are they both suitable for the same job? According to Shampoos Hub, one pro for baby powder is that its oil absorption is completely on par with dry shampoo, and they cite that some users couldn't tell the difference between using baby powder and using dry shampoo. However, there's a considerable con when using baby powder. Some baby powders include talc in them, which some scientists believe to be carcinogenic (via Shampoos Hub). This means that extended exposure to this could increase your chances of becoming seriously sick.

Not all baby powders house this ingredient, though, so you want to be on the look out for it when purchasing your baby powder. According to Beautylish, one reason to buy baby powder is because it's cheaper than dry shampoo, but accomplishes the same goal. And washing your hair in the shower less means you can maintain a dyed hair color or just overall keep your scalp from drying out. They recommend spreading baby powder evenly across your hands by putting some in one palm and then rubbing your hands together to disperse it. Then, begin at your roots and rub the powder into your hair.

Ultimately, you want to look at the ingredients of the products you're using, just like with any other beauty product or even food.