40 Perfect Hairstyles For Long Hair You'll Be Happy You Tried

When it comes to hair, there are about a million styles, cuts, colors, and trends to try out, which can be a bit overwhelming. But long hair is one of those styles that never goes out of fashion. While it might be hard to achieve those Beyoncé-level locks on your own, hair extensions — be they clip-ins or hand-tied by a professional — make it possible for anyone to rock some luxurious long hair. So whether you've been growing out your hair for five years or five minutes, there's a style for you. What style you choose all depends on your personal preference and how often you like to mix things up.

So you may be wondering ... where do you start? Well, you came to the right place. If you want to see 40 perfect hairstyles for long hair that you'll be glad you tried, then keep on reading and take some notes. 

Layered blowout

One of the most classic and simplest styles for long hair is a layered blowout, which "Pretty Little Liars" star Shay Mitchell rocks on the regular. Attempting your own blowout might seem intimidating at first, but by following a few tips and tricks, you can blow dry your hair at home and avoid a costly trip to the salon.

Crimped hair

All trends come back around. Crop tops and bell-bottom jeans came back in style, so it makes sense that crimped hair did as well. Just take a look at Halsey's locks at the 2019 Met Gala (via PopSugar)! You'll definitely need a crimper to style your long hair in this way, but it's a fun way to change things up. 

Braided ponytail

A braided ponytail can be sleek or a little messy and undone; it just depends on what look you're going for. The good thing about a braided ponytail is that it's a lot easier to execute yourself than a French braid because the braid doesn't start at the top of the scalp. Really, anyone can do it. 

Wet-looking waves

Though it might seem counter-productive to leave the house with wet hair, the wet look is something that works particularly well with long hair. The most important part of achieving a wet wave look is the product you use. According to Byrdie, you should use a gel with a strong hold after towel-drying your hair but before blow-drying.

Classic bangs

It's a question every woman has faced at least once in her life when at a crossroads: "Should I get bangs?" And while you might have resisted for a while, bangs actually look great with long hair, so if you're looking for a change, this might just be it. 

A messy bun

An undone or messy bun works perfectly when you have to run errands, are just hanging out around the house, or are running late and want to get your hair out of your face. The great thing about a messy bun is that it doesn't take much work, but it's flattering and easy to style with long hair. 

Beach waves

Want a no-fuss look for your long hair that will still catch everyone's eye? Try some beach waves, which can easily be achieved with the right products and tools. Use Blake Lively's gorgeous hair as your inspiration, and you'll be good to go. 

Face-framing layers

For a style that's flattering on everyonelook no further than some simple face-framing layers. Like Jennifer Aniston, you too could look 20 years younger with some flattering layers that show off your best features. As L'Oréal notes, just be sure to consider your face shape before getting your hair cut. 

Claw clip updo

You might not have seen a claw clip since the 1990s, but they are making a huge comeback, according to Forbes. Claw clips make doing your hair so easy, and they work great for long hair especially. So if you want an easy style for your long locks, grab a claw clip. 

Big, bouncy curls

There are so many different kinds of curls that look great on long hair, but one classic and universally flattering style is definitely big, bouncy curls. The look is glamorous, and it's perfect for a night out, brunch, or just a movie night with friends when you want to feel your best. 

Long fringe

Unlike the previously mentioned classic bangs, long bangs are, by design, messier, so they're easier to maintain. If you don't want all the hassle of perfectly straightening your bangs every day, these bangs will be less work and will still look great. With long hair, bangs are the way to go. 

Braided updo

One of the perks of having long hair is that you can rock a ton of different updos, including braided styles. There are a variety of looks you can achieve with a braided updo, from a simple and casual style to a more complicated and elegant 'do, as Good Housekeeping noted, but they'll all look great with your long hair. 

Undone waves

Unlike beach waves, undone waves actually have a little more structure, but are still pretty loose and simple. As Harper's Bazaar explained, just make sure you have pomade and wave spray and take your time with a blow dryer and curling iron. Undone waves can be seriously flattering and sexy, so give them a go on your long hair. 

The pouf

Though a pouf might seem very 2000s, it's actually pretty trendy today when it's done right. You don't want to go too big like Snooki from "Jersey Shore," but just a little height and volume can make a huge difference. No matter how you style it, it'll look great. 

Finger waves

You might think finger waves are only for short hair or for someone with a pixie cut, but finger waves can actually work for longer hair. The look is definitely more high-fashion, so if you want to be chic, give finger waves a go

Sleek, straight hair

When it comes to styling super straight hair, what to do may seem obvious, and it basically is. To nail the style, you just need time to slowly use your flat iron on half-inch sections of hair, as Byrdie explained. Once you do that, you'll be looking all kinds of fierce. Just don't forget heat protectant spray!

Headband braid

A headband braid can spice up your normal hairdo. Just section your hair off from one ear to the other and start braiding along your hairline, as PopSugar noted. Yes, it can take some time to do, but it's a stand-out look. 

Curtain bangs

Another great bang option for people with long hair is the super-trendy curtain bang. The look is beloved by celebrities everywhere since it's easy and fun and helps show off your cheekbones really well, too. Just make sure you have a center part, and get chopping away. Just look at how fresh Hilary Duff looks with her curtain bangs! 

Old Hollywood waves

Old Hollywood waves aren't just for celebrities. In order to achieve the perfect old Hollywood waves, technique is everything (via Elle). So only go for it if you have plenty of time to style your hair because it's not easy. This style looks amazing with long hair and is a classic look that works for so many occasions. 

Half-up bun

If you want a quick and easy hairstyle for your long hair, then a half-up bun is a great way to look chic, put-together, and stylish even when you don't necessarily feel that way (via Cosmopolitan). You'll look stunning in this hairstyle, so don't ignore it. 

Barely there waves

Long, brushed-out waves will never go out of style. Yes, barely there waves are so soft, subtle, and gorgeous that anyone can pull them off, and best of all, they're pretty impossible to mess up. As Allure instructed, simply curl your hair like you normally would, but on lower heat for less time in bigger chunks. Then brush it out. Voilà!

Deep side part

Switching up your part might not sound like much, but a simple change can work wonders. And if you have a round face, a deep side part is the way to go (via Byrdie). It's a simple way you can spice up your look without putting in a lot of work. 

Middle part

While side parts are great, TikTok teens have deemed middle parts to be the ultimate part for anyone (via The Cut), so give it a try. A middle part could actually completely change how your face looks, so don't be afraid to mix things up and grab that comb. 

Low ponytail

If you're in a hurry, a low ponytail is a great solution that doesn't require any heat or products other than a hair tie. To make your low pony more sophisticated, simply section off a piece of your hair and, after you've tied the rest back, wrap the section around the ponytail holder, securing it with a bobby pin. It's easy and chic.

Bubble braids

When you think of pigtails you might think of the little blond girl in "Matilda," but there are some seriously stunning ways adults can rock pigtails, as well. For something super trendy, go for bubble braids in pigtail form. It screams "festival chic," without you actually having to go to a festival. 

Soft waves

Soft, structured waves are both feminine and classic, and they look excellent on anyone, really. Especially for someone with long hair, soft waves are the perfect everyday style that doesn't take that much work but looks absolutely stunning. 

Tight curls

If you're lucky enough to have tight, natural curls, don't be afraid to rock them. If you want serious volume, Elle suggests you have your hairstylist feather the ends of your hair the next time you go to the salon.

Fishtail braid

Fishtail braids are probably one of the most intricate hairstyles you can wear, but when you have long hair, they're a lot easier to do. Master the fishtail braid, and you'll have a new go-to when you're sick of plain, regular braids.

The S-bend

The so-called S-bend, frequently worn by Kim Kardashian, is a simple and fun way to style your hair. Just use your straightener to style your hair so it's curves like the letter "S" does, as Regis salons' website explains. This look is especially flattering on long hair as it perfectly frames your face and shows off your cheekbones and smile. 

Long side bangs

Long side bangs, whether they're thick and full or wispy and light, are great at showing off your eyes and framing your face. Side bangs might bring up memories of 2000s looks, but, according to Byrdie, there are ways to style them that are perfect for the modern day. So, if you like them, then go for it, as they're perfect for long hair. 

French braid ponytail

Another very adaptable hairstyle that's perfect for anyone with long hair is a simple braid. Specifically, a French braid ponytail is a super fun look that you don't see too often, so you'll definitely stand out. And it's easier than a full French braid since you only have to braid part of your hair, so why not give it a try?

Half-up ponytail

Like the half-up bun, a simple half-up ponytail is cute and easy to pull off. If you're in a hurry one morning, pulling your hair back into a half-up ponytail will help you look more put together than you feel. And, if you want to be even more creative, using a cool scrunchie or bow to tie your hair back will make the style stand out even more. 

Flipped-in layers

It might seem simple, but ends that are flipped in can be a fun way to change up your style for the day. It doesn't take much work or equipment — just a blow dryer and brush or a flat iron and some hairspray. It's classy, simple, and gorgeous. 

Flipped-out layers

Layers can make for a chic, long hairstyle. After getting layers cut, you can flip them out with a blow dryer and a brush when styling for an on-trend look. It will make you look windswept and gorgeous, so what are you waiting for? 

Elegant updo

There are a million different ways you can style an elegant updo, according to Good Housekeeping. Even if you don't have a fancy event to go to, an updo can still be fun to try out every once in a while, and can be a great solution for your long hair when you don't have time to curl or straighten it. 

High ponytail

If you need your hair out of your face, or if you haven't washed your hair in a few days and have to head out, then a high ponytail will keep you looking fresh and chic. It's easy — just grab a hair tie and some bobby pins. Messy or sleek, you can't go wrong with a high ponytail. 

French-braided half-updo

When you French braid part of your hair before tying it back, that half-up hairdo will become even more stunning. You can simply part your hair to the side and French braid both sides until they meet in the middle and then secure with bobby pins. 

Space buns

Space buns are fun, funky, and totally trendy. If you need to wash your hair, don't want to spend too much time styling it, or are avoiding heat tools, space buns are the perfect look for you. Just part your hair in the middle, dividing it into two sections. Then twist each section up into a bun. Easy!

Double French braids

Double French braids, another kind of pigtail style, are super fun. To rock this style, part your hair right down the middle, and begin French braiding one side from the top of the scalp, working your way down until you can tie it off. Then, repeat on the other side.

Add an accessory

To change up your look every now and then, add some accessories. Barrettes or fun clips are easy ways to take your hair to the next level. For a practical look, place the barrette near the top of your head towards the side. Or you can use two barettes to pull hair back from each side.