Mercury Retrograde Starts Again On May 29: Here's How Water Signs Will Be Affected

If you're experiencing some major life changes and it seems that things in your life are getting chaotic, it could be that Mercury is in retrograde. Those who follow astrology are familiar with this term and event, which happens multiple times a year. So, what does it mean? Woman and Home reports that retrograde comes from the Latin word retrogradus, which means "backward step." When Mercury is in retrograde the planet will appear to fall back into orbit and appear to change its course in the sky. Although science says that this is an optical illusion, some believe that it holds some major astrological power. Reader's Digest reports that Mercury goes retrograde about every 88 days, which is how long it takes for Mercury to orbit the sun.

However, we shouldn't fear the times when Mercury is in retrograde, says astrologer Emily Ridout. "Nothing about Mercury in retrograde is catastrophic. It's just annoying. The modernized, technological world is very dependent on Mercury. Ours is a culture of hyperconnectivity and hyper-productivity. We're so busy panicking because we want to move forward that we forget about the importance of reflection," Ridout continues. "Maybe the way we've been moving forward is not the most optimal way," she says. The outlet suggests that the best thing to do during the event is to evaluate your decisions instead of quickly buzzing through daily life like usual. So, what does the upcoming Mercury retrograde on May 29 have in store for water signs? Let's take a look.

Water signs should be mindful during the Mercury retrograde

According to Bustle, the Mercury retrograde on May 29 could be difficult for water signs (Scorpio, Pisces, and Cancer). Style Caster reports that the event will last until June 22, so mull over those summer plans thoroughly. The outlet also suggests practicing mindfulness in all that you do until the end of June. 

Scorpios (born between October 23-November 21) may find the event weighing on their finances. If possible, try to avoid taking on any new debt or signing any big contracts as the details could get fuzzy. Meanwhile, it's best to avoid any conflict or ill feelings among friends and family during the retrograde period.

Pisces (born between February 19-March 20) may find their private lives in disarray. Whether it's a romantic relationship, friendship, or family ties Pisces should look to avoid drama at all costs during the Mercury retrograde in May and June. Instead, focus on doing some self care to keep yourself steady and calm during this chaotic time.

Cancer (born between June 21 – July 22) will find that their usually sharp intuition and gut feelings are a bit off thanks to the astrological occurrence. There may be confusion in your decision-making process or with your natural instincts so be wary of those big decisions for the next few weeks. If you need help, lean on a trusted friend to help you talk things through and give advice on important situations.

 We may all need to take things slow to kick off the summer, and if things seem out of control in your life remember that it will get better in a few short weeks.