Mercury Retrograde Starts Again On May 29: Here's How Fire Signs Will Be Affected calls Mercury retrograde "astrology's most nerve wracking event" because it's said to have a confusing, disruptive effect on travel, technology, and communication of all kinds. The website assures us, though, that if we venture to understand the effects and energy of Mercury when it's retrograde, and seek to predict how it might affect our plans, deadlines, and relationships, we can better navigate the event and become less flustered and frazzled by it. 

Another useful thing to consider when determining how best to prepare for the next retrograde, which begins on May 29 and lasts until June 22, 2021, is to learn how it might affect your specific zodiac sign. If you are a fire sign (Leo, Aires, and Sagittarius), then you are likely known for your passion, creativity, spontaneity, competitiveness, and magnetic energy (via Women's Health). In order to prevent this Mercury retrograde from dulling your shine, here's what you need to know.    

Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius

According to Bustle, Aries, your communications, even small-scale interactions like work emails or texts with friends, are particularly subject to confusion and unintentional misunderstandings and drama during this retrograde. In order to keep things running smoothly both personally and professionally, take extra care with your words; make sure you are saying exactly what you mean so that your intentions won't be misconstrued.  

Leo, if you're experiencing some drama in your friend group, it's because group dynamics are affected most for you right now (via Cosmopolitan). You're often the leader and social organizer of your group, and so it can be particularly distressing and frustrating for you to see dissension in the ranks or to have parties or gatherings you organized fall through or not go as planned. Don't be afraid to get some space from individuals in your social circle who seem to be causing trouble right now. They will work their own stuff out. Further, don't be afraid to take some time for yourself; you don't have to be the social coordinator all the time. 

Sagittarius, Mercury is likely to wreak the most havoc this retrograde in your romantic relationships (via Bustle). Small misunderstandings could get blown way out of proportion right now, so before that happens, take the time to check in with your partner regularly to see how they are feeling. If a misunderstanding occurs, exert the effort, patience, and understanding to address it right away and with compassion. Hopefully, this will help keep the peace!