Why Fans Think Moriah Plath Is Engaged

In 2019, Moriah Plath opened up her world to viewers of her family's hit reality series "Welcome to Plathville" (via IMDb). The TLC show follows a family of eleven living in rural Georgia. Moriah and her eight siblings live very sheltered lives and don't know much about what goes on outside of their home in Cairo. Though the Plath children have to follow the strict rules their parents set, Moriah has always been the rebel of the family.

At seventeen years old, the reality star went on her very first date with Max Kallschmidt (via Showbiz CheatSheet). This important moment in Moriah's life played out on "Welcome to Plathville" and viewers were able to watch the ups and downs of their relationship throughout season 2. Though the pair had a brief split, Moriah posted a photo celebrating 11 months with Max on her Instagram on April 14th. Now Moriah is sparking engagement rumors with a post she shared on her TikTok account (via ScreenRant).

Moriah Plath was spotted rocking a ring on her engagement finger

Moriah Plath shared an adorable video of her kitten to her TikTok account @moriahjasper. In the video, Moriah shares videos of herself and her kitten and said that she was never a cat person until adopting her sweet kitten. Though the focus of the video is her cat, it's hard to miss the giant diamond on her left ring finger. Fans commented asking Moriah if she's engaged to her boyfriend Max Kallschmidt. However, the 18-year-old has yet to respond.

Fans of the series assumed the star would have made a special announcement if she had been proposed to (via ScreenRant). There is also speculation that maybe the influencer is keeping her engagement under wraps because it's going to be a storyline on the upcoming third season of "Welcome to Plathville". However, that is unlikely as she wouldn't have been able to reveal the ring on her social media if she was going to announce the engagement on the TLC series.