Here's How To Grow Out An Undercut The Right Way

We understand: You've been rocking your undercut for a while now, embracing the days of edgy glam and low quantities of shampoo. But now you're ready to have your long hair back. Celebrities such as Rihanna, for instance, have been through the transition and managed to do it gracefully with the help of professional stylists, per Pop Sugar. So, what's the best way to grow out that buzzed section without going through the dreaded awkward phase? According to stylist Ursula Stephen reporting for Pop Sugar, the key is patience. Your hair will also need more attention than normal, as frequent trims will help blend it into the rest of your hair, or at least make it look purposeful, per Style Caster.  

On the other hand, Finder argues that you should wait to get an undercut trimmed, at least until you can tuck your hair behind your ear. If your ultimate goal is to grow out your undercut until it blends in with the top layers of your hair, you may need to play the waiting game and avoid scissors for a while. In the meantime, a little gel and hairspray can go a long way in preventing random strands from sticking out.  

Tricks to try when growing out an undercut

If you're struggling to simply let your hair grow out without doing something to it, you have a few options. First, you can go shorter with the rest of your hair by asking for a pixie cut. A pixie cut is tailored to your face shape and looks chic and modern, according to Finder. Plus, it will blend very well into an undercut, and your hair should have an easier time coming together when you finally grow it out.  

Another option is to experiment a little with the style that you've got, and try out different parts. If you tend to part your hair on the side and switch to a middle part for a change, you could easily hide an undercut on the sides of your head, per Style Caster. Note that this style might only work with smaller undercuts, and won't hide a particularly large, shaved portion of your head.  

Ultimately, the best thing you can do is embrace your hair as it grows out. Explore the world of hair accessories, and see if different clips or headbands can help you create styles you will enjoy while you play the waiting game. You can also experiment with buns or braids, and gel down your undercut if necessary to prevent poufy sides. It will take some time, but your undercut will grow.