The Truth About Victoria Beckham's Skin Care Routine

Just one of the many enviable qualities of Victoria Beckham is her glowing skin. From her flawless makeup to her dewy look, Posh Spice has all the makings of a beauty maven. The mother-of-four's facialist gave We Wore What a closer look at everything in the former model's skincare bag.

Interestingly, Beckham's $31 cleanser isn't too much of a wallet buster. The Cosmedix product contains loads of antioxidants and oils to gently lift impurities while maintaining the skin's hydration. Beckham shared other aspects of her morning routine with Net-A-Porter, revealing, "Each morning, the first thing I do is have three tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, followed by a mug of hot water and lemon and multiple coffees."

She also has a skincare line of her own that she uses — and she doesn't use too much on her delicate skin. "I use a face wash and then I always use my Victoria Beckham Beauty Power Serum on my face, neck, chest and around my eyes, followed by the Cell Rejuvenating Priming Moisturiser, and that's all I tend to do."

Of course, the priming moisturizer works as the perfect preparation for fresh makeup throughout the day. "Recently, I've been using my new Golden shade of the Priming Moisturizer, which I love as it's nice to have that extra glow. I use it throughout the day as well," she shared.

Victoria Beckham eats salmon every day

While her morning routine doesn't involve anything too over-the-top, her nighttime ritual appears to have a few more steps. We Wore What reports that she double cleanses with her morning product and uses an exfoliating cleanser afterwards. Complete with a retinol cream that creates smooth, firm skin in the morning, Beckham's nighttime routine is somewhat simple but effective.

The former Spice Girl credits other aspects of her life for her glowing skin, including her workouts and her diet. She explains to Net-A-Porter, "I take vitamins for my hair and nails, too, and Basis NAD+ by Elysium, and I drink Skinade collagen drink, which is really good. I take quite a few supplements, so it can be difficult to actually know what's working!"

"I'm flexible with regards to food, as David and I are very sociable," she adds, "and we like to eat out. But when I do eat well, I see the difference in my skin – my eyes are whiter and sparklier and I have so much more energy."

After explaining that she struggled with acne following the births of her sons, Beckham notes that she got some sage advice from her dermatologist. "He's so knowledgeable, and one piece of advice he gave was to eat salmon every single day. I grew up in the 1990s, when we were told eating fat would make you fat, but Dr. Lancer has taught me a lot about how the good fats in fish and avocado are essential."