The Best Jewelry For Heart-Shaped Faces

It's no secret that jewelry can add a certain wow-factor to any look, especially the right styles for your face shape. Whether you have a square jawline or a delicate oval, each face shape has the ability to shine — especially with the right jewels to accent it. Heart-shaped faces in particular are known for gorgeous, angled cheekbones, a sharp chin, and more width at the forehead (via Fire Mountain Gems). Also known as an inverted triangle, you probably have a heart shape if your face is softer and wider up top, and angular at the bottom. Seen on celebs like Reese Witherspoon and Rihanna, heart-shaped faces are seriously enviable — and can look even more gorgeous with the right jewelry.

As per Artisan and Fox, heart-shaped faces look best with jewelry styles that "create an illusion of a narrow forehead and wider jaw line," enhancing symmetry and balance. For earrings, that means trying fan-shaped or triangular dangling earrings that add width to the jaw. Similarly, Jen Bradley Moms recommends chandelier earrings to create width at each side, as well as chunky cluster earrings. Even larger teardrops could work (via Heart 2 Heart Fine Jewelry) or hoop earrings — just remember that the widest part of the earring should be almost chin-length, according to Fire Mountain Gems.

All the best jewelry styles for heart shapes

So what earring styles should heart-shaped faces avoid at all costs? For one, small post button earrings will add nothing to your shape, and will not balance your angular features (via Artisan and Fox). Also try to avoid long, narrow earrings like simple drops — they will just elongate your face and will not add extra width at the jaw (via Fire Mountain Gems).

For necklaces, heart-shaped beauties look amazing with soft, curved necklaces that are short in length (via Artisan and Fox). Necklaces like chokers, collars, and princess lengths will create the illusion of a rounder chin, and more width at the jawline. No matter the necklace type, always stick to lengths that are right at the collarbone, and have fun with pendants — especially rounder or horizontal styles (via Jen Bradley Moms). Another flattering alternative? Triple-strand chokers or a short, large beaded necklace will create more width at the neck, which will in turn balance out your face (via Fire Mountain Gems).

If you love long necklaces, not to fret — as per Fire Mountain Gems, heart-shaped faces look fantastic in opera-length strands, which circle the neck before dropping in another longer layer. Other great options? Circular neckwires, omega chains and bib-style necklaces. In essence, any styles that break up a heart-shaped face's extra length will look gorgeous on you.