How To Recreate Cher's Hair From Clueless

Cher Horowitz from "Clueless" is perhaps one of the most iconic movie characters of the '90s. When she wasn't learning how to drive her brand new white jeep through the streets of Beverly Hills, she was dreaming up plots for her friends and teachers to fall in love.

Despite the film's small budget, it surprised many by raking in over $56 million at the box office (via Vox). The success of the movie had in large part to do with its daring costume designer, Mona May. Cher and her squad in the cast of "Clueless" made coming-of-age look pretty darn stylish. We're still admiring the star's miniskirt and blazer combo, Josh's grungy college boy looks, and Dionne's ridiculously amazing hats.

"When we went scouting at high school, everybody was wearing big, baggy clothes and you couldn't tell a girl from a boy," reveals May. Adding, "We wanted to go against that. We wanted to bring something very fresh and I've always felt femininity is so important for girls to express with confidence. Also, society — or culture — was ready for that"(via Forbes).

Cher's hair was never over-worked

The fashion in "Clueless" may have grabbed our attention, but what about recreating Cher's gorgeous hair, starting with a polished blowout. Cher's hair was never fussy or over-worked. After all, she was a California girl who chose to spend her time looking out for her hot-headed lawyer father and pretending not to flirt with her ex stepbrother, Josh. Yet somehow, her hair always looked wonderfully fresh. 

Susan Carter, colorist with L'Oréal Professionnel, details how to get Cher's hair color. "I”ll do finely woven highlights, but then I'll take a gloss, which is like a semi-permanent hair color, and I'll go about two shades deeper at the re-growth, just to create a very soft beginning of the highlight; to make it look kind of grown out" (via Elle).

Per Seventeen, to get your hair super straight, start by applying serum to your freshly washed damp hair. Blow dry your hair in 2-inch wide sections and try to lift the roots, using a large natural bristle brush. This next step may be the most important to keeping your hair looking very Cher-like throughout the day. Once your hair is completely dry, flip your head over and blow dry your strands using the cold setting on your blow dryer. This will set the look and keep it from falling flat. As if! Finish by fingering a little texture spray through your mane and voila! You've recreated Cher's iconic "Clueless" look.