What Each Planet Means In Your Birth Chart

If you've studied astrology at all, you might be wondering how the 10 planets — the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto — impact your own unique birth chart. The role these planets play in astrology strays far from what you learned about the solar system in elementary school. According to Bustle, each planet represents a different set of qualities that rule over separate parts of our lives. To understand how the planets impact your own life, you'll need to know the exact time when you were born. From there, you can simply plug in your birth time, date, and place in which you were born to an astrology website or application (like Co—Star) that will lay out your complete birth chart.

The Sun rules over the very essence of our beings, according to Allure. When someone asks you about your "sign," they are asking about the position of the Sun at your birth. The Sun represents your ego, basic personality, and general preferences. Contrary to the Sun, which rules over mostly our outward appearance and behavior, the Moon symbolizes the innermost workings of your mind and everything beneath the surface.

Mercury, which was named after the Roman deity who was the messenger to the gods, symbolizes the way you communicate with others, per Allure. Your interest in the finer things, like art, culture, beauty, and love is governed by the planet Venus. You can blame your affinity for fine wines and expensive skin care products on this planet.

Each planet represents an important part of your personality

Fiery Mars represents that part of you that emerges when your adrenaline is pumping. According to Well + Good, Mars governs the aggressive, physical things that you do, like working out, having sex, and competing to get the best position at your company. Similar to Venus, Jupiter also represents abundance and fortune, per Allure. At its core, Jupiter reveals what sort of philosophy, spirituality, and education you will seek to make your dreams come true. Saturn, on the other hand, represents the hard work and resilience that it takes to achieve success in your life's pursuits. Simply put, Saturn brings forth the "adulting" part of your life that you dread at times, like working overtime to get that big project done or filing your taxes, according to Astrology.com.

You can thank the planet Uranus for your strange and rebellious side, according to Allure. This planet will either attract you to or repel you from breaking the rules of society. Those who are attracted to technology, innovation, and rule-breaking are strongly influenced by Uranus. Mystical Neptune will decide how much you rely on your psychic intuition and spirituality. "Neptune represents dreams, illusion, and fantasy," Lisa Stardust told Bustle. Despite its size, Pluto still plays an important role by providing both good and bad transformations to people and to civilizations in general. 

Depending on the configuration of your own birth chart, these planets will play a large or small part in your life.