The '90s Beauty Trend That Could Actually Lead To Stripped And Damaged Hair

Self-professed '90s kids" are not-so-secretly obsessed with the decade, reliving the era by watching "Friends" and "Seinfeld" reruns, eating nostalgic breakfast cereals, and yeah –- getting inspired by all the signature fashion and beauty trends. Whether going for the classic "Rachel" haircut made famous by Jennifer Aniston, or wearing jelly bracelets and mom jeans, '90s trends still reign supreme today. But there's one beauty trend from the era that could mean serious trouble for your hair's health –- and it's not bringing out the crimping iron every day.

According to Bustle, the '90s were chock-full of dangerous beauty trends that wreaked havoc on skin and caused hair breakage to boot. Apart from the damaging hair crimping obsession, many never could go back from over-plucking eyebrows -– or those chunky, skunk-like highlights. Of course, there were other hair trends that were less invasive, but it turns out that they were just as menacing to your mane. While roll-on glitter tubes were fun, perfect for streaking hair or skin with iridescence, scientists have found it is extremely harmful for you and the environment (via the Daily Mail). Meanwhile, DJ Tanner-style scrunchies are super nostalgic, but over-wearing them can cause breakage from the root. 

But nothing compares to one particular '90s beauty trend's surprising effects on the hair.

The '90s hair trend to avoid at all costs

Zig-zag hair parts? In-your-face tendrils with spiky updos? Jelly hair bands and butterfly clips? While all interesting '90s hair trends in their own right, none were as harmful to tresses as the infamous hair mascara. Yep, you read right: tubes of mascara meant for hair, as posted by one '90s-loving Twitter user. These rainbow-bright tubes came with a mascara-style spoolie brush to run through your strands, creating colorful hair in no time at all. The best part? Hair mascara is totally washable, so sudsing out your mermaid tresses was as simple as taking a quick shower. That being said, although convenient and cute, hair mascara should be avoided at all costs.

As per Bustle, '90s hair mascara was super-harmful to hair and is a beauty trend that no one should try reviving any time soon. According to the outlet, although "everyone had" the beauty tool in their arsenal, it only led to damaged, dried-out tresses. Why? It all has to do with hair mascara's removal. Since the product can only be washed away by lathering up, users found themselves shampooing their hair on the daily. 

Apart from causing dryness, washing your hair every day can mess with your scalp's microbiome, as hair biologist Dominic Burg told Byrdie. This can lead to scalp inflammation and other issues, so avoiding washing hair every day –- and '90s style hair mascara –- will prove the best line of action for your mane.