The Unusual Cosmetic Procedure That Is Popular With Gamblers

If you gamble or know anything about gambling, you likely know that they like to have a poker face when people play cards. You might not be aware, though, of the extreme lengths that some card sharks go to to achieve a look that doesn't give anything about their hand away. It seems that at least some gamblers are willing to undergo a cosmetic procedure in order to achieve the ultimate poker face, according to HuffPost.  

The publication revealed that a New York-based doctor named Jack Berdy introduced a new procedure dubbed Pokertox. Dr. Berdy marketed the surprising approach to people who want to ensure that their faces don't give away anything when playing poker and other card games. Gambling is big business in the United States and around the world, according to Statista. People flock to the 400 casinos in the U.S., wagering billions each year. Dr. Berdy hopes to cash in on some of those wagers.

Here's how Pokertox helps prevent tells

Dr. Jack Berdy told HuffPost that his procedure helped minimize the facial tells that card players might give away via unconscious expressions. "Some people might get a card they like or don't like and raise their eyebrows. If that's the common reaction, we can put Botox in certain areas to minimize them," he said. In his consults, Dr. Berdy discusses such tells with clients. Then he devises a plan that usually includes Botox and fillers to help a gambler eradicate the expressions that keep them from maintaining a poker face. Interestingly, it's not all about getting rid of things. "We can also put Botox in areas to make it look like the player has a 'tell' they really don't have," Dr. Berdy revealed.

While this seems extreme, it might be worth it to gain an edge up on the competition for somebody who makes money gambling. The good news about Pokertox is that the Botox and other fillers only last about three to six months, which means it's not a long-term commitment. As with any possible cosmetic procedures, if you're considering something like this, be sure to discuss your Botox questions with a reputable plastic surgeon.