Everything You Need To Know Before Getting A Nape Piercing

We all get to a point in our life when we're looking to try something new and exciting. Many of us get bored with our same old look and want to expand our horizons with a new addition that's edgy and cool. For many, we turn to tattoos and piercings to upgrade our look in a cool and fun way. However, some people opt for piercings over tattoos because piercings aren't as permanent as tattoos. 

Instead of getting the traditional nose or belly button piercing, many want to go outside of the "norm" and try something new. That's why many people are looking into the nape piercing. Nape piercings are surface piercings that are done on the back of the neck, which can be hidden at any time if you have longer hair (via Painful Pleasures). And, while nape piercings are similar to other types of piercings, because they are surface piercings they do require a bit more TLC than other types of piercings. 

If you're thinking about getting a nape piercing, we have the details on how to prepare before your visit.

Here's what you need to know before you go

Nape piercings typically run from $30 to $50, but some places charge closer to $100, depending where you go (via Byrdie). Natalia Smith, the head piercer at BodyArt Caribbean, told Byrdie that the pain ranges from a 6 to an 8, which is pretty painful. The healing time for nape piercings tends to be around 5 to 6 months, and has to be cleaned twice a day with saline solution until it is full healed in order to prevent infection.

Surface piercings are tricky because they are more likely to reject than other piercings, because they are so close to the surface of the skin, per Pierce Me Up. One thing to keep in mind when getting a nape piercing is to ensure that the piercer is using a particular type of jewelry. Using a staple-shaped surface bar is important because the way in which it is shaped will help prevent the piercing from rejecting, according to the site.

You also want to be careful about the type of metal of the jewelry. Implant-grade steel and implant-grade titanium are the two best options because they are nickel-free and good for individuals who are hyper-sensitive to metals (via Healthline). 

If you're thinking of getting a nape piercing, make sure you ask your piercer about materials, rejection, and invest in cleaning solution to avoid infection!