How To Use A Yellow Color Corrector

Using concealer that perfectly matches your skin tone makes perfect sense to most of us; covering dark circles or blemishes with a makeup that is the same hue as our faces feels like a fail-safe plan. But when we see concealer palettes with crazy-seeming colors like wasabi green, daffodil yellow, or rosy red, it can be pretty easy to feel either confused or intimidated. 

However, the purpose of colored concealers like these comes from the principles of something you likely learned a long time ago in an art class: color theory. Remember the color wheel? Well, colors that are opposite each other on the wheel help to cancel each other out (via Foreo). For instance, pink and green. These two colors lie opposite each other on the wheel, so if you have a pinkish blemish on your face, it actually makes sense to use a green concealer before your regular skin-shade concealer to help cancel out that redness. 

But what about yellow? What is yellow concealer for, and how do you use it properly? 

How to apply yellow color corrector

Yellow is perfect for cancelling out blueish, purplish imperfections on your body (via Foreo). If you've got a bruise on your knee and wanted to wear a short cocktail dress to that wedding, or if you have blue veins or dark circles under your eyes, yellow color corrector is probably for you! 

Now, you want to apply it a little differently from your usual foundation. First of all, less is more; you don't want your face to actually appear yellow, so you only want enough product to color correct (via When applying, press the product onto the area you are trying to cover (don't swipe it). This will help concentrate the concealer exactly where it's needed. Then you can follow up by covering with your usual skin-tone foundation. If you feel a little more coverage is necessary, you can follow your foundation with a touch of your skin-tone concealer as well, also pressed onto the area.

Thats it! Now you're ready to kiss those hard-to-cover blue and purple imperfections goodbye.