The Truth About Ayesha And Stephen Curry's Relationship

Ayesha Curry and her husband Stephen Curry have quite the sweet love story. According to Insider, the couple met in 2002 when they were teens living in North Carolina and attending their local church's youth group. Although Ayesha and Stephen didn't date at the time, Ayesha frequently flirted with her future husband by baiting him with candy. As his sister, Sydel, told The Mercury News, Ayesha "would find him after church, barely say two words, and like walk away. I would look at her like 'God, she's so lame.' [But] he clearly liked it."

Years later, after Ayesha moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting as Stephen made a name for himself in the NCAA with the Davidson Wildcats, the couple reconnected on Facebook and ultimately met up for a sightseeing date around Los Angeles. At the time, Stephen was in town to attend the ESPY Awards. While Stephen's schedule kept the basketball star from spending as much time with her as he would have liked during the early moments of his career, he did his best to keep in close contact with Ayesha, even after she moved back to North Carolina and he was drafted by the Golden State Warriors.

According to family friend Chris Strachan, Stephen spoke to Ayesha on FaceTime whenever he had free time. "If he wasn't playing or practicing, he was talking to her," he stated.

Stephen Curry and wife Ayesha share three children

In 2010, after two years of dating, Stephen proposed to Ayesha in the driveway of his parent's home. "He asked me if I knew where we were standing. It was the spot where we had our first kiss," Ayesha told the The Charlotte Observer. "He pulled me close and started saying all these sweet things and then dropped down on one knee. I was in a state of shock."

The following year, on July 30, 2011, as noted by Insider, Ayesha and Stephen Curry got married in the church where they met. In the years that followed, the couple welcomed two daughters, Riley and Ryan, and a son, Canon.

In 2016, after receiving the first unanimous MVP award in NBA history, Stephen honored Ayesha. "None of this is possible without you," he said at a press conference (via People). "You've given me the opportunity to go out here and work as hard as I do, spend the hours I need to do at the gym, during practice, in games, on the road – all the while holding down the house and doing the little things that keep our family going."

Ayesha and Stephen Curry prioritize their marriage

In April 2016, during an interview with Cosmopolitan magazine, Ayesha was asked if her and Stephen's marriage went through any growing pains after both of their careers took off in different directions. "Yeah, I think so. It was more so trying to [work on] time management and balance both of our schedules and make sure we still found that time for us. But [in] any marriage, everything takes work," she explained.

After five years of marriage, Ayesha said at the time, that she and Stephen were "still trying to figure things out."

"But it's working, which is great," she gushed. "It's just making sure that irregardless of how tired you are or of what's going on that you find that time — and make that time — that's just for each other. Like no kids, no nothing; just each other. I think that has been what's kept everything running smoothly over here."

Stephen and Ayesha Curry support each other

Stephen and Ayesha Curry are looking forward to celebrating 10 years of marital bliss, per ET. She said, "We've grown up together, in every sense of the word. My support is his support, vice versa. It's like we hold each other up." She recently opened a boutique and cafe, named Sweet July (sharing the name with the magazine she founded), explaining why the name is special to her. "All three of my kids were born in July, and me and my husband were married in July. So it's just like this tremendous time of joy," she said. And when her husband scored 62(!) points in an NBA game, she wrote on Instagram, "So proud!!! 62?! Year 12?! Goodness."

Likewise, the devoted husband was quick to jump to his wife's defense in October 2020. Per Today, she debuted a light blonde hair color in a clip on Instagram. As many celebs can attest, critical fans are never hard to find, as one person wrote, "Also ... the nose too. Contour or nose job? That's why you look so different to us. The hair & the nose." While Ayesha seemed to let that slide, her hubby made sure to show his support.

He responded sweetly in the comments, "You beautiful baby. And don't you let anybody tell you differently ok? I mean it. There's just a bunch of meanies out there and I don't like it. I don't like it one bit. Do you boo boo."

Ayesha and Stephen Curry do a lot together

Despite having three young kids at home, Stephen and Ayesha Curry make each other a priority. Per Hello Giggles, Ayesha shared how important date night is. "Putting ourselves first, and making sure that we make time for date nights and for each other. That's been very important, as hard as it is."

The couple that plays together stays together, right? Or, at least host together. Deadline reports that Ayesha and Steph will host a revival of the game show "Tattletales," where "three couples will join Ayesha and Stephen on an exclusive date night to go head-to-head on uncensored relationship trivia and games, competing to see who knows their partner best."

Whether they're spending time with their three adorable kids or just each other, running a boutique or running the court, Ayesha and Stephen Curry seem to have the recipe for a great relationship down pat.