This Is What Burning Incense Really Does For Your Space

If you thought that incense was reserved for yoga studios and meditative spaces, think again. Similar to sage and palo santo, incense is made of plants that release various aromas as they burn. When you burn incense in your space, you're doing more than adding a musky scent, however.

Mindbodygreen dives into exactly what burning incense does as the smoke rises, including balancing your fire element. Water, Earth, air and fire are elements that each of us contain within. Representing our connection to the natural world, these elements should also be present in our homes. When you burn incense, it helps invoke the fire element — helping with motivation, passion and letting go of what you no longer need. The outlet notes that practices such as Traditional Chinese Medicine and ayurveda highlight the importance of maintaining balanced elements within the body and the space. Burning incense can balance out excess water, Earth and air elements. This can help you feel more calm and readily adjusted to the world around you. 

Furthermore, the sacred smoke does more than clear negativity from your space; many consider the smoke to be a vehicle for prayers — taking them up to where they can be answered, Mindbodygreen continues.

Burning incense traditionally accompanies various rituals

Of course, much like other spiritual tools, it's important to be respectful of the cultures that have used incense for thousands of years. Indeed, One Tribe Apparel notes that the ancient Romans started importing incense and using it for religious ceremonies after they discovered it and its use has spanned to all corners of the globe. While having respect for the process, you can also use incense to boost your concentration levels. Since many students of meditation use incense alongside their practices, you can burn your incense stick to help you feel grounded and focused. Indeed, there are a few scents that aid in this as well that you can opt for, such as peppermint, frankincense or lemon, Mindbodygreen suggests.

Plus, if you're feeling a little closed off to love, rose or jasmine scented incense can help open your heart and attract new connections into your life, the outlet notes. With so many scents to choose from, you can combine your energy clearing technique with a home fragrance that makes your space feel cozy and clear. Anytime you come back into your senses, including your sense of smell, it helps you ground back into the moment, easing anxiety and stress.

Find a few sticks of your favorite scented incense and burn away! Whether you need focus, heart healing or some stress relief, there's a type of incense for it.