The '90s Hair Trend That Could Actually Be Damaging To Your Scalp

It's no secret we love the '90s and are definitely here for all the decade's comebacks: whether talking about Dua Lipa's Naomi Campbell-esque Versace gown at the 2021 Grammys, our obsession with mom jeans, or glitter everything. The '90s were oftentimes an amazing era for fashion and beauty alike, but as with every time period, there were lots of cringe-worthy trends, too. You might just remember frosted tips, dark lip liner, and all those jelly chokers. But one '90s trend in particular should be avoided at all costs.


As per Bustle, there were tons of '90s beauty trends that were actually pretty harmful: over-plucking eyebrows led to permanent hair loss, Geri Halliwell-type chunky highlights caused irreparable hair damage, and all that hair crimping was even worse. But it was actually the most innocent-looking trend that was one of the worst of the lot: scrunchies. Yep, those big, puffy hair ties perfect for pulling hair up in a pony at the crown of the head, or in a comfy-but-cute bun. Scrunchies were actually one of the most damaging hair trends of the '90s, and you can bet we're kind of freaking out.

The '90s trend to avoid at all costs

According to Bevoir, although scrunchies might be better for the hair than elastics or classic hair ties, they are still known to cause damage. As per the outlet, tying hair too tight with a scrunchie can "exert pressure on your hair, causing [it] to break" from the shaft. Plus, your hair is extra weak when it's wet, so tying up your hair with a scrunchie after a wash can cause even more breakage.


So how do you know your scrunchie is causing damage? Bevoir instructs to watch out for headaches, which are a tell-tale sign your '90s-style scrunchie is way too tight and causing major breakage from the root. Plus, as per Bustle, tight updos can "thin and weaken the hair" over time, making hair finer each time you pull it up in a ponytail. While we'll always love colorful scrunchies ranging from silk to velvet to plaid, they might just be better off on your wrists. The '90s scrunchies sure are cute, but jury's out on whether they're worth it or not.