The Best Jewelry For A Round Face Shape

We are probably all familiar with certain clothing styles flattering certain figure types, and maybe even with certain haircuts flattering certain facial shapes. But what about jewelry? Because jewelry often tends to have a sentimental meaning to us (the necklace our parter gave us for an anniversary or the earrings we inherited from our grandmother), we don't always think of it as flattering fashion the way we might consider other accessories like shoes, handbags, or makeup. Even so, knowing the jewelry that best flatters your face shape can help you look your best, just like getting the right haircut or wearing the right dress. 

If you have a round face shape like the lovely Ginnifer Goodwin, Drew Barrymore, Isla Fisher, Kate Bosworth, and Mila Kunis (via Cosmopolitan), then there are certain types of jewelry that will flatter you best. If your face is round, then the width of your face appears to be roughly equal to the length, and it boasts soft curves without strong, angular lines (via Artist and Fox). Therefore, jewelry that helps to elongate the look of your face may be most flattering. 

The most flattering jewelry for a round face

If you have a rounded face shape, certain types of jewelry can give the appearance that your face is a bit more elongated than it really is. When choosing earrings, you may want to select long, vertical types (via Artist and Fox). For instance, dangling earrings, drop earrings, ear threads, and chandelier earrings that are more narrow in width may help to create the look of a longer face. 

When selecting necklaces, you want to think about elongating your look. Since chokers and collar-length necklaces appear to shorten the neck and even widen it a bit, you may want to go for longer pieces that draw the eye downward and appear to elongate your neck. For instance, deeper scoop-shaped necklaces or something with a statement pendant that creates a V shape in the chain can certainly do the trick. CadCamNYC also suggests longer V-shaped necklaces for a round face shape for a balanced look. 

As it turns out, contouring with makeup isn't the only way to highlight the best features of your face! Next time you're picking jewelry for a night out, you now have these handy tips to consider.