President Biden's Press Conference Gaffe Has The Internet Talking

Every word you say is closely scrutinized when you are president of the United States. As such, as Fox News reports, a brief gaffe made by Joe Biden at a press conference after a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin is giving the internet something to talk about today.

Oddly, the 78-year-old seemed to suffer a slip of the tongue, mistakenly calling Putin by the name of his former rival for the top job, President Trump (via Express). "I caught part of President, uh, Tru– uh, Putin's press conference, and he talked about the need for us to have some kind of modus operandi where the Arctic was in fact a free zone," Biden said, with cameras rolling.

To be fair, Biden called Putin by the correct name many other times during the press conference. But Twitter wasn't about to let the momentary slip slide by without pouncing.

Twitter reacts to President Biden's gaffe

As President Biden quickly moved on from his gaffe, Twitter attacked, with many tweeting in the vein of this commenter, who wrote in part, "don't ya know Trump loved it!" Another Twitter user echoed that sentiment, tweeting, "Trump is always on his mind." A similar tweet read in part, "Love it that Democrats can't get President Trump out of their heads. No matter where in the world they travel President Trump is with them."

Meanwhile, many social media trolls used the opportunity to suggest that Biden suffers from dementia, a claim that has plagued him for quite some time (via Independent).

According to Fox News, Biden suffered other gaffes during his trip abroad this week, notably confusing Libya with Syria more than once.

Biden is of course known for such missteps, with the President also correcting Prime Minister Boris Johnson for not introducing the president of South Africa, even though he had already done so (via New York Post).