The Shampoo That Miranda Kerr Swears By

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There are beautiful people, and then there's Miranda Kerr. The Australian model — who's had a stunning transformation — glows from the inside out. She turned her attention — following a successful career as a Victoria's Secret Angel, among many other things — to sustainable beauty and her own beauty line, KORA. As Kerr told Today emphatically, "Our products are not only organic but certified organic." The supermodel genuinely cares about what she's selling too, spending an entire year developing KORA's turmeric hair mask. 

As she explained to Elle UK, "What you put on your body and on your skin sinks in so it was important to me for my range of products, KORA Organics, to be certified organic. What this means is that you don't have to just take my word for it that it's organic, an external body called COSMOS Ecocert, which is really strict with their rules and regulations, say it is." Outside of her own range of certified green products, the Victoria's Secret Angel has a go-to shampoo she absolutely adores. 

The Aussie beauty favors an all-natural shampoo

As PopSugar reported, when it comes to keeping her tresses in tip-top condition, Miranda Kerr reaches for Rahua Classic Shampoo ($34 from Amazon). The all-natural, dreamy-smelling concoction is "loaded with sustainably harvested oils from the Amazonian rainforest." The Aussie supermodel also touted the hair cleanser in an interview with Today, confirming it's a constant presence in her shower, and in Grazia, describing it as her all-time favorite shampoo. While speaking to Vogue UK, Kerr explained that the shampoo, which is infused with sage-like substance palo santo, is her go-to because of its "clearing" properties. "Your hair can pick up energetic things so I thought it was genius that they made a palo santo shampoo," the busy working mother explained. 

Kerr shouted out her favorite shampoo during a beauty chat with Glamour, too, admitting without it and a handful of other products, she's "not very good with my hair at all." The Aussie model – who has a simple skincare routine, too — typically leaves her locks to dry naturally unless she's getting glammed up for work. Likewise, "I rinse in cold water, which is great for overall body and also stimulates your scalp." Her go-to move is to put a leave-in conditioning oil in her hair, tie it up, and let it soak in all day so, "It feels like I'm getting all the nutrients that I need in my hair." Simply put, keep it fresh, clean, and natural and you too could have hair like Kerr.