The Hair Tool Brand That Elizabeth Banks' Stylist Swears By

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Achieving a perfect head of glossy, flowy waves can be impossible without the right tools and styling products, and it just so happens that one stylist has revealed the hair tool brand he swore by during this year's Golden Globes.

Los Angeles hairstylist Clayton Hawkins is a master when it comes to creating sleek looks that are totally achievable with widely available products. "My whole thing is to get your hair gorgeous and glossy and get that perfect blowout in and then just go in and rough it up," Hawkins told Teen Vogue. One of his go-to style enhancing products is Dove Dry Shampoo, courtesy of his boss Mark Townsend, which can help keep styles — and those lifesaving bobby pins — in place.

When it comes to hair tools, though, Hawkins swears by one of the world's most recognized brands: ghd. He's uses their tools on the majority of his clients, including Elizabeth Banks, Olivia Coleman, and Diane Guerrero (via PopSugar). Hawkins is also behind Olivia Rodrigo's stunning looks for her debut album "Sour" (via Instagram).

Hawkins swears by one particular ghd tool to achieve effortless waves

As for one hair tool in particular, Clayton Hawkins uses ghd's curve Soft Curling iron on the regular. An example? When tasked with giving actor Margaret Qualley her sleek yet defined curls at the 2021 Golden Globes (via Instagram), ghd's curling iron was Hawkins' solution (via PopSugar). The tool, which costs $199 on Amazon, features a 1.25-inch barrel with a spring activated ergonomic lever to provide the necessary amount of pressure for bouncy curls.

The curling iron also features ghd's unique Ultra-zone technology, which adapts the temperature by sensing which section of your hair you're styling. The temperature reaches an optimum 365 degrees to minimize hair damage and create a shiny, smooth style. The tongs also have a protective cool tip at the end of the barrel, so you don't have to worry about burnt fingers or ear lobes.

As for tips on how to use the curling iron to its full potential, Hawkins recommends curling your hair as you would with a flat iron, but with a curling wand to give that, soft effortless wave (via Instagram).