How To Get The Mildew Smell Out Of Last Year's Swimsuit

Whenever we wear a bathing suit, there's about a 99.9% chance we're going to get wet. Whether it's at the pool, on the beach, or even sweating while we lay in the sun, we're usually getting some sort of moisture on our swimsuits. When we're finished wearing out suit and we're stripping down to get clean, we often times neglect washing out swimsuits immediately and instead let them dry out in warm and dark places (like inside your bag).

While we don't want to lug around wet bathing suits all the time, when dry them out in warm and dark environments, it can create a bit of a problem for us. Many times, people grab their now-dry bathing suits and get whiff of something that is just totally awful. Usually, that smell is mildew. That mildew smell is typically from the fungal growth of mold, and swimsuits tend to get a bit moldy when they're left damp in dark and warm places for too long (via Home Guides). 

If you're someone who has this problem year after year, we've finally got a solution for you to keep your swimsuits fresh and smelling great. 

Here's how to get that nasty odor totally out

The one thing we want to ensure when we're going to put on our swimsuits is that there is no mildew or mold on it at all. Sometimes, bathing suits can build up mildew without us even realizing it, because it may blend in with the suit. The first thing you want to do is ensure you wipe or brush all that mildew off. Mildew usually appears as white or black (via Hunker). 

Next, you want to use vinegar to soak out that nasty mildew smell. Vinegar is well known to help combat serious odors, so it's the perfect solution for getting that stench out. You can combine vinegar, white or apple cider, with water in a bowl or your bathtub and soak the suit in there for about an hour, according to 2 Bees in a Pod.

After you're done soaking, you're going to want to put it in the laundry like you normally would to wash it, while it's still wet and vinegar soaked. Use your regular detergent to add that laundry smell, too. 

When you're done washing it, hang dry it in a place that has good ventilation and air. The main reason the mildew comes is because most times, wet swimsuits don't get good ventilation and oxygen to dry, per Get Smell Out.

Once your swimsuit is dry, it should be smelling brand new again and all ready for that pool!